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    Mother of Dr. Farooq Sattar passes away.

    Quite shameful. Why disrespecting anyone's dead mother ?
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    Mother of Dr. Farooq Sattar passes away.

    Mother of politician Farooq Sattar passes away in Karachi On Thursday, the mother of former Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) leader Dr. Farooq Sattar died in Karachi. According to family sources, her funeral prayers will be offered following Asr’s prayers in the MC Ground of the PIB...
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    ندایاسر نے مرد مداح کو ساتھ تصویر بنوانے سے انکار کر دیا

    Nida gents ke saath pictures nahi leti . Matlab key jab gents kaheen nahi hote market main tau woh akele pictures khareedti hain ? 😆 😆 😆 😆
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    قـــرآن اور نماز کا مقام الگ الگ کیوں؟

    A quote by Sheikh Mohammed Abduh (1849:1905). Europeans weren't into beards, jabbas, turbans, veils or Burqas what sort of Islam was that 🤔? Only Those who can ponder they'll understand. The word 'Salat' is basically a motto, a way of life, a social responsibility and attitude...
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    After success of The Kashmir Files,now they made a movie about "Love Jihad"

    Kindly look at how they're vilifying Muslims (and their societies) The movie is getting endorsed by a renown hate monger Kapil Mishra But at the same time, many Indians themselves have come forward to acknowledge the amount of hatred and insecurity such movies may create. You may not...
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    How Mahinda Rajapaksa's Majoritarianism has led to mayhem in Sri Lanka

    Check how Mahinda Rajapaksa used to utilize hatemongering and fearmongering among Sinhalese majority. Finally the nation couldn't continue getting fooled by him and his corrupt family. By Abhisar Sharma By Akash Banerjee By The News Beak We all know how both Narendra Modi in India...
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    altaf hussain lashes out, Why Pakistani Government is meeting in London

    Jab PPP nay PDM ko achanak say ditch kiya tha tab yehi Altaf Hussain PDM ke mixed achar ke saath solidarity dikharaha tha, bolraha tha key Nawaz Sharif aur unki beti sabit qadam rahein. Lugta hay key isne ab aanewale waqt ke halaat soonghliye hain tab he PML-N ko galiyaan dekar apne liye space...
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    Imran Khan behind the scene gets leaked out

    Nothing weird. Just an honest feedback Plus no one can beat swags of and
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    Rohit Upadhyay about Mughals and population of Hindus in Pak. and BD

    Here Rohit Upadhyay, who is a young and renowned journalist from India, clarifies/rebuts certain myths that Sanghis and their IT cell propagate against Muslims. Here he is talking based on proper research, plus facts and figures. The question of forced conversions to Islam in history is a...
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    Reply to ShahzebKhanzada Vlog; Hitler,Trump & Imran Khan. Facts not fiction

    Please poori video sunein aur phir baat karein.
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    ایم کیو ایم جو چاہے گی دیں گے، ہمارے دل اور دروازے کھلے ہیں:گورنر سندھ

    Regardless of whatever the outcome is, MQM-P has exposed itself and now Imran Khan must go and have a meeting with Syed Mustafa Kamal the next time he visits Karachi. Kamal despite criticizing PTI government , has at least shown his values by announcing moral support to PMIK as even he considers...
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    عدم اعتماد کےحوالے سے کل تک فیصلے کاامکان نہیں ہے،رہنماایم کیوایم امین الحق

    MQM-P can go and meet whoever they feel like. However , in 3.5 years Imran Khan never met anyone from PSP,MQM-Haqiqi or Jamat-e-Islami whenever he visited Karachi. Had he done so during his last trip then Bahadurabad gang would have got a strong message about possible repercussions if they try...
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    MQM ka PTI say masla kia hy ?

    Imran Khan used to call them Nafees Ittehadi due to their middle class backgrounds. Personally I also belong to a Muhajir family and many of our relatives continue to live in Karachi. In short they're from the MQM's vote bank. Problem is , in Pakistan feudalism still runs the show but as far as...