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  • Deae Adeel
    I posted two vidoes a while ago . These has been removed . Can i ask why it has been romoved?
    well i thought it was deleted . it was just shifted ..thnx anyway
    Dear Adeel,

    I had to re-register my account under the same name even though I am registered on this forum for 2yrs+. Maybe one of the quick-trigger admins deleted my account based on an accusation from biomat just like he accused me without reading my post ... probably the Admin did the same. I would recommend you to read my post on Dr. Israr Ahmed passes away thread in Non-Siasi Videos forums and let me know ... I have now posted a response to biomat too there. I was hoping you can provide some answers as to why my account was deleted when I just reset the password etc. last week and my account was working fine till a couple of days ago.


    Toronto, ON
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