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    How many MNAs of PTI are in National Assembly?

    I am just looking for a total count. General Reserved and minority count please.
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    My two cents on Sugar scandal - What are your thoughts?

    *Sugar Barons have made a remarkable name when it comes to making & minting money, advancing in & controlling politics, expanding empires, buying assets overseas and ensured their interests are commonly shielded and mutually beneficial. From Sharifs to Zardari, from Tareens to Makhdooms, from...
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    Asad Umar is capable, but he can't handle Pakistan's economy - Haroon Rasheed

    Quickly losing the tiny bit of respect he got left Loser baba
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    Dont use this product, its harmful - Microsoft warns

    Why don’t they shut it off from the back end
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    Virat Kohli reminds me of Imran Khan - Ravi Shastri

    Can someone post the interview plz
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    میں میرٹ پر سرکاری حج کرنےگئی تھی

    Haajan noorey ka khabba T*^%#% hai
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    Asma Shirazi went banana after accused of being a mouthpiece of PML-N ....

    Epic gill sb :clap:clap:clap:clap:clap