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    عمران خان کے دو موبائل فون چوری ہو گئے:شہباز گل : ریکارڈ وڈیو کہاں ؟

    True. Bezos's phone was hacked by MBS to get details about Kashioggi. IK should use mobile jammer or turn off data including everyone traveling with him.
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    وزیراعظم شہبازشریف کے لندن قیام میں مزید ایک روز کی توسیع

    What is going on? If the shebaz speed engine has seized, he should resign or dissolve assemblies.
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    خرید و فروخت کے ذریعے حکومت گرانے کا سلسلہ بند ہونا چاہیے:سپریم کورٹ

    What a useless case. PTI's joker lawyers are just wasting time. Alvi should have withdrawn this case after shobaz too oath. Now even hamza has taken oath and they are still debating this case.
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    عمران خان کاعدالت سے پنجاب میں آئین و قانون کی توہین کے فوری نوٹس کا مطالبہ

    Punjabi always follow the rising sun. They didnt come out for bhutto. They betrayed Nawaz not once but thrice (1999 coup, 2017 kyu nikala and then 2019 platlets). IK should wake up and before it is too late.
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    فوجی جرنیلوں کو اپنے گھروں کے اندر سے پریشر آرہا ہے : محمد مالک

    What he actually means is "Ager mujhe 8-10 din me MD PTV ya chairman PEMRA na lagaya tu me pro PTI ho jaunga"
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    کس اہم ترین پاکستانی نے نواز شریف سے خفیہ ملاقات کی؟.

    every tom, dick and harry has created a youtube channel and started giving breaking news
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    One of the better surveys

    It is easy to support PTI be vocal about it. However, everyone including PMLN voters know that PMLN is a chor party so they are shy about admitting to vote PMLN in public. This is similar to how trump voters were afraid to identify themselves in public because of racism and other stupid...
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    One of the better surveys

    This is not a scientific survey. First you have to draw a sample based on voter demographic - male, female, age groups and language. Also survey should only include registered voters to get accurate voting pattern. I also feel that people do not reveal true intention on camera so survey should...
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    ‏ جو ہم خود اپنے ملک کے ساتھ کرتے ہیں ہمیں کسی دشمن کی کیا ضرورت ہے؟

    Shame on munafiq abbasi. He was crying when his daddy nawaz was being punished.
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    ‘My son said that if you’d go at the airport,people will hackle you’ Zubair

    Your son didnt call you randi baaz after your leaked video?
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    جامعہ کراچی دھماکہ،خاتون بمبار ایک روز قبل ریکی کیلیے گئی ؟فوٹیج سامنے آگئی

    Even bigger security lapse than originally thought. If Chinese workers are not safe in middle of city, how they can be safe in remote areas of balochistan?
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    Is NAB going to be used against Imran Khan and First Lady

    How can IK be involved in wife's friend's case?
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    شہراقتدار میں تحریک انصاف کی مقبولیت ن لیگ سے دوگنا،گیلپ

    Gallup pakistan is a rubbish company. IRIS surveys are more accurate. Even in 2012, IRIS survey was more accurate than gallup.