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  • Asif Bhai,

    Do you think it is a good time to Invest in Pakistan's Real Estate? If Imran's Gov't come...InshAllah Khushhali is on the way...Even If Nawaz Sharif comes in and Imran as an opposition. We will still be heading towards Prosperities...Need your opinion. Thanks
    Assalam Alekum Asif,

    I am thinking about trading currencies, so I was thinking if you can help me out. I have two questions
    1. Does TDAmeritrade provide a platform to trade currencies?
    2. Which book would you recommend for reading for forex trading?

    idk... whats the matter ... it says when moderator will approve my quotes then u may be able to see the comment...
    It is good know the details of economics more you know better it is. Good to talk to you bro all the best.
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