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    Imran Riaz Exposed Another Pmln and Media Propaganda Against Pti Govt

    Haramkhor Pro PMLN journalists and anchors have been living on tax payers money for 30 years.This money was given to them by Nawaz dakoo.They got nothing from PTI that is why they spread propaganda against PTI and still supports a convicted criminal and absconder.
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    ایک فون کال کا سوال ہے بابا

    Zakat is not issue.Zakat is an obligation on those who are wealthy.IK had to take loans because the two dakoos viz Nawaz and Zardari ruined Pakistan’s economy and institutions.The country was bankrupt.He has no magic to create money.Erdogan made Turkey a top 20 economy in 13 years.Turkey used to...
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    اردو میں تعلیم دینا جہالت کی طرف قدم ہے - عاصمہ شیرازی

    Germany produced brilliant scientists,engineers and philosophers.It education system is in German.Other majors nations who are at the forefront of science technology are Russia France,Sweden,Japan,China etc.They don’t use English as a medium of instruction.This women is confused.She thinks using...
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    نوازشریف کھاتا تھا تو لگاتا بھی تھا،نوازشریف کے حلقے کے لوگوں کی رائے

    There are four stages of intellectual or cognitive development according to Jean Piaget the Swiss psychologist.These jahils are still at stage one of their development ie from birth to 2 years.The don’t have the mental capacity to understand the concept of moral values or the idea of right and...
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    یہ اسلام آباد میں کیا ہو رہا ہے؟

    The police should arrest them and charge them under indecency laws.
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    عمران خان نے غریب ریھڑی والوں کے دل جیت لئے

    IK genuinely cares about the poor and down trodden people of Pakistan.It makes me sad and angry when I look back.Nawaz and Zardari ruined the economies and all institutions.Their families are the only beneficiaries from their rule.Gen Zia made the biggest blunder when he selected Nawaz Parchi...
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    How Saudi Arabia Is Turning Desert into Huge Farmlands

    Out of a total area of 881,913 sq km only 363,000 is arable in Pakistan.The arable are can be increased considerably may be doubled if modern farming methods and technology is used.Pakistan does not conserve water.It needs to build hundreds of small dams and water reservoirs to store...
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    ہندوستان کی آبادی 1 ارب 300 کروڑ، یہ آبادی راتوں رات کیسے بڑھ گئی؟

    India’s population is 1.3 billion,very easy to remember.Forget about using lakhs,karores,arabs etc.It is very confusing.People use English words when speaking Urdu so there is no issue if they use English numbers.
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    میری پنشن بند کر دی گئی ہے۔ ریٹائرڈ فوجی کی وزیراعظم کو کال

    My father-in-law migrated to UK after taking early retirement from Pakistan Air Force in 1960s.He never had any issues getting his pension.You have produce certificate of existence or biometric verification to prove you are still alive.I am not sure how often you have to do this.
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    آزاد کشمیر انتخابات میں کھلے عام دھاندلی ہوئی، بلاول بھٹو

    In Sindh PPP’s performance is zero so how does PPP keep winning?.
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    ‎الیکشن 2023: اگلے انتخابات میں عوام کس پارٹی کو ووٹ کرے گی؟ کیپٹل ٹی وی ک

    People should not read too into the results of this survey.These types of surveys are not scientific and the margin of error can be very large.I am sure this guy has not heard of sample size,the statistical principle of random probability sampling,margin of error or confidence level.The best...
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    SAPM Sania Nishtar changes life of a street vendor kid

    Sania Nishtar is the right person to head the Ehsas program.She is a very compassionate lady.
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    30 lac Afghan refugees are in Pakistan | Fawad Chaudhry speech today

    Any Afghans nationals living in Pakistan who are anti Pakistan,pro Hindu and pro PTM should kindly go back to Afghanistan.Those who are lively peacefully and want to stay are welcome.They have suffered greatly in the past and deserve a peaceful life.
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    PM IK Plans To Form Govt In Sindh All Set To Knock Out Zardari & Bilawal

    The problem with interior Sindh is feudalism,poverty and backwardness.PPP uses police and feudals(waderas) to rig votes.By rigging I mean forcing people through intimidation,blackmail and violence to get votes.
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    نوازشریف کی حمداللہ محب سے ملاقات کوئی ایشو نہیں، شاہد خاقان عباسی

    These beghairats put Nawaz before Pakistan.Convicted criminal Nawaz insulted the Pakistani nation when he met with an obnoxious,vile and foul mouthed Afghani who is a pro Hindu and RSS frontman.This beghairat is defending Nawaz.