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    شہبازحکومت نے پی ٹی آئی حکومت کا بھنگ کاشت منصوبہ کیوں ڈراپ کر دیا؟

    Jahil patwaris don’t know the difference between medical cannabis and normal cannabis.Here are a few medicines made from cannabis plant: Epidyolex for children and adults with epilepsy. Epidyolex is a highly purified liquid containing CBD (cannabidiol). Nabilone for chemotherapy patients...
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    Bamboo and Mesh Tower Harvests Water from Air

    The amount of money spent on advertisements by patwaris would have been enough to educate and train hundred of scientists and engineers and hydrologists.Pakistan is going to have severe water problems in future but the jahil patwaris have other priorities.The morons were laughing at PTI’s tree...
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    روپے کی بے قدری میں کمی نہ آ سکی، ڈالر 214 روپے کا ہوگیا

    In some parts of Pakistan dollar exchange rate was reported( by a well known anchor) to be 216 and 218.The rupee is losing it’s value due to uncertainty and speculation.People have no idea how long the imported government will last or if it can control inflation.The agreement with IMF is a long...
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    Pakistan witnesses surge in Covid-19 cases

    Showbaz Bhikari allegedly restored NCOC but how is heading it?.Previously Asad Umar was the head of NCOC and Dr Sultan was the coordinator.A military officer was also part of NCOC.Where is the criminal health minister Qadir Patel?.Does this moron know what he is doing?.There have been man cases...
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    Pakistan witnesses surge in Covid-19 cases

    Pakistan has once again witnessed an increase in daily Covid-19 cases as 171 people were found infected during the last 24 hours, according to data shared by NIH on Monday. The National Institute of Health (NIH) said that the new infections were detected after 11,212 coronavirus diagnostic...
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    Ukraine war: Russia becomes China's biggest oil supplier

    China and India are getting Russia oil at discounted prices.The imported beggars didn’t consider Russian oil as an option.The beggars are still waiting for permission from their masters in Washington.
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    Ukraine war: Russia becomes China's biggest oil supplier

    Russia has become China's biggest supplier of oil as the country sold discounted crude to Beijing amid sanctions over the Ukraine war. Imports of Russian oil rose by 55% from a year earlier to a record level in May, displacing Saudi Arabia as China's biggest provider. China has ramped up...
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    حکومت ملک کی معاشی سمت درست کر رہی ہے،خونی، فسادی احتجاج کی اجازت نہیں،مریم

    The country is close to becoming bankrupt.This housemaid of Sharif lohars is talking out of her backside.
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    اسپیس ایکس نے ایلون مسک پر تنقید کرنےو الے 5 ملازمین کو نوکری سے نکال دیا

    If it was unfair dismissal then those who lost their jobs can take legal action.SpaceX must have taken this into consideration.
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    لاہور میں پنجاب پولیس نے متعدد پی ٹی آئی کارکنان کو اٹھا لیا

    The fascist imported government has no respect for rule of law.Bajwa is responsible for imposing these criminals on Pakistan.
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    دورہ ایران : میں اتنا ہی ایرانی بچہ ہوں جتنا پاکستانی ہوں: بلاول بھٹو

    Billo khusri has gone to Iran to get funding .It is an open secret that Iran funds Peepee.I am surprised this khusri was allowed to enter Iran.The mullahs don’t tolerate khusris.Many Iranian khusris have left Iran and got asylum in the west.
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    این اے 240 کراچی: بیلٹ پیپرزچوری، بیلٹ باکس توڑدئیے گئے

    PDM is going to rig the election to get a huge majority.There is no point for PTI to take part.