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    Erdogan's quest for Islamic domination

    We have lost our moral compass.We are not as successful as we could be .This is due to dishonesty,moral and financial corruption,nepotism etc.However it is also clear that Zionist controlled countries will hinder progress of certain Muslim countries which are perceived as dangerous to them in...
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    Erdogan's quest for Islamic domination

    Extremist Hindus esp BJP-RSS are inherently anti-Islam.They get upset whenever a Muslim country tilts towards Islam.They know they can fool so called secular or nationalist Muslim countries.BJP has turned India into a Hindu fascist state so it has no right to criticize Turkey.
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    فضل الرحمن کے بیٹے سے کہا کہ اپنے باپ سے کہے شیعہ سنی مسئلے پر سیاست نہ کرے

    Molvi Fazlu is a despicable character.He has always put his own interests before the country's interest.He wants to blackmail PTI to get halva but PTI will not offer him anything.He managed to blackmail Nawaz and Zardari dakoo and enjoyed lots of benefits and halva .He is mistaken if he thinks...
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    Last attempts to derail PM Imran Khan Govt || Details by Siddique Jaan

    The opposition will be humiliated again.
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    Tum Kutte Ki Nasal Se Ho - Intense Fight Between Mushahidullah & Mian Ateeq

    He used to abuse female anchors and MNAs.He is a nutcase.
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    Tum Kutte Ki Nasal Se Ho - Intense Fight Between Mushahidullah & Mian Ateeq

    Mushaid should not be allowed to enter parliament without a dog collar and a leash.
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    Maulana Fazl ur Rehman warns Pak Army - "you are behind this mess"

    Who needs enemies when you have the likes of molvi Fazlu.This haramkhor will never accept his defeat.He thinks he has go given right to win every election.
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    We are looking forward to learn from Israel - UAE

    UAE will learn who to worship the devil.Zionists played a big role in historic slavery,communism,usury,pornography and genocide of Palestinians.Must admit European Jews did contribute to science too but their evil deeds outweigh good acts.
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    PM Imran Khan's Speech at Inauguration of Pak-Austria Fachhochschule Univer

    Pakistan should establish another four or five technical universities in collobaration with advanced countries like Germany,Austria,S Korea and China.The standards of existing engineering universities need to be raised as well.Pakistan needs lot of graduates in STEM subjects.Pakistan has a...
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    Beautiful Video and Big Thanks to Imran Khan!

    Bo;;ywood crap must never be allowed in Pakistan agaian.Heavy fines must be imposed on those who watch Bollywood;;ywood movies are unrealistc,indecent and promote immoral values.These films have zero artistic merit.Why do people watch this trash?
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    ملک میں شیعہ سنی فساد کروانے کی بھارتی سازش ناکام بنا دی گئی، شیخ رشید

    There is no doubt Gulf Arab countries provide finance to many groups.Iran is also involved.Iran recruited thousands of youngsters from Pakistan and Afghanistan to fight in Syria.However RAW is the biggest danger.The intelligence agencies must remain on guard.
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    PMIK to inaugurate Pak-Austria University tomorrow....

    Similar institutes of technology should be established in South Punjab,Sindh and Balochistan.I believe five technical universities were planned during Musharaf's rule but when Zardari dakoo came into power he shelved these plans.His excuse was lack of funds.
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    Highlights of the Futuristic City in Punjab!!!

    Khan has no magic wand to change everything overnight.Nawaz Noora was in power for almost 30 years but people were singing his praises.It is only when PTI started exposing Nawaz people realized Nawaz was a fraud.
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    Highlights of the Futuristic City in Punjab!!!

    China has built 500 new cities since 1978.If the contract is given to Chinese companies they can built this city in a few years .Pakistan should build it itself using local labour and materials.This will help our economy to grow.
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    Turkey exports $10.8M of tea to 103 countries

    I didn't say we can't cultivate it?.My question is can we grow tea or are we already growing?.