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    Senior journalist Arif Nizami breathes last in Lahore

    Dushman mare te khushi na kariye Sajnaa vii mar jaanaa hoo ...
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    حسن نثار نے ملالہ کو ہیرو ماننے سے انکار کر دیا

    Just ask her to come and Stand on any crossroads of Pakistan... People of pakistan will tell her and us is she a real hero or not ...
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    یہ شیطان بار بار کیوں بچتا رہا؟

    Janab, pehlay 10 second main app nay itna bari ghalat ker de hay .,.. us ko tu theek ker lain ... Aeen aur Qanoon ke nazar main Arshad Shrif bara hay aur Saddique Jan chota hay.., App keh rahi hain sab barabar hain ... Kamal hay
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    Arshad Sharif & Adeel Raja attacked Siddique Jaan???

    After beating Saddique Jan, the Champion of Democratic form of government ... the ideological custodian of Parliamentary democracy .. said ,, I will Beat him again if he comes in front of me ... If the rule is to beat a guy upon differences, along with your 4 friends ... then everybody should...
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    عزیزالرحمان کا دفاع کرنے والا مفتی اسماعیل گرفتار،دیکھیے گرفتاری کی ویڈیو

    Yeah jo logon ko bahar nikalnay ke liye keh raha hay ... is ko tu pakro zara ... abhi bhi in darindon ko MUFTI keh rahay hain yeah eek mulana ke sath eek MUFT tu ho saktay hain MUFTI nahi
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    Legend is Back

    Banana Courts .....
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    Most Critical Ex-Finance Minister is giving a B+ to the Government!!!

    Kitnay Afsos ke sath bata raha hay ke ... kya karin Govt. nay concessional rate diye hain tu .. industrialist nay kaha ke chalo expansion ker letay hain ... jis say ab agay sales berhain gain ... As if ... Industrialist pagal tha apnay ser per qerza cherha ker expansion ker raha tha Phir yaad...
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    How to anonymously report corruption?

    Just on the lighter node, from my three options you chose the option with "MAKE MONEY" ... :) no doubt your cousin must have chosen the same option ... I do not have any email address of the PML(N) media ... Post your evidence here they will be automatically published on net and reach their...
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    How to anonymously report corruption?

    if you have the evidence send those to Anchor Imran Khan, he is very found of such matters, and explain your side of story to him. just 2 weeks back, a Law is passed that no one can ask Reports their Source of information, so you will not be exposed ... or any other anchor you think can present...
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    ایسے ملک نہیں چلے گا، پاکستانی عوام کو اٹھنا ہو گا، نواز شریف

    Ther teri deta B N _ ,,,, Khutay D P na huve tan ... Bolda aee