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    Nawaz Sharif Blooper during speech in Dir

    jahil patwario !!!! do not compare khota noora with founder of the nation !! lakh dee lllllaaaaaannnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttt !!!!
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    Nawaz Sharif Blooper during speech in Dir

    jab damaag khotay ka ho tu aisay hee hota hey !!!!!!!!
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    Finally Talal Chaudry and Daniyal Aziz got the " Haddi" . . .

    bhonkna rang ley aiya !!!!!!!!!
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    حلال پروٹوکول

    nice to know your job in your job in usa
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    حلال پروٹوکول

    Bilo Baandri is Brave !!!!!
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    Urta huwa taara hoon ooncha sa ik naara hon - may Allah bless you with all happiness our dearest kap

    patwari jahil hota hey !!!!!! Chahey kaheiin b ho!!!! Get a life !!!
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    Shehla Raza couldn't answer Rauf Klasra's tough questions & disconnects telephonic call

    She was in a hurry to go and give her wicket away!!!
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    عمران خان کیلئے ہیٹ ٹرک کا بہترین موقع ہے

    shehla raza!tumhari wicket laney ka khan k koi irada nahi!!!!! Tumhari wicketein tu zardari and co kab ki urrada chukey hein !!!!!!ha,ha,ha,ha!!
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    ECP summons Abid Sher Ali & Ch.Sher Ali for violating ECP code of conduct

    Topi drama !!!!!! Eik mullazim kia karey gaa !!!
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    Reham Khan and Imran Khan divorce 4 Real reasons

    tumhari dum per kabb khan ne peir rakha thaa!!!!!
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    Rana Sanaullahs views regarding Imran Khan and Reham Khan Divorce

    you are qatil of inocent people !!!!! When did you became a judge !!!!!! Darbari have you ever thought about your leaders and their aulaads realtionsips and divorces ???????
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    Imran Khan humari haya aur culture cheehnhna chahte hain :- Molana Fazl ur Rehman

    begairut diesel !!!!! You are a biggest jhootha and laanity in pakistani politics !!!!!
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    Wear full dress otherwise i will not give Interview, Hashim Amla told Indian TV Host

    get a life !!!!!! hashim amla is a first muslim player who refused to wear alchol makers name on his shirt!!!!