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    نیوزی لینڈ کی وزیراعظم کا ہارورڈ یونیورسٹی میں بینظیر بھٹو کو خراج تحسین

    Imagine something unexpected just happened in the county and needs special attention but guess what the PM is in the labor
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    Real Killers of Imran Khan's Inqlaab - MPs from Punjab

    Ik needs to hire you as his chief advisor. He should have followed your request. His loss
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    صدیق جان کی اعلٰی ظرفی،ارشدشریف کی تصویرپروفائل پکچربنالی

    S. Jan deserves 2 more punches. This is how people promote violence in the society. By not reporting for a police case first and now this. It’s like a wife who gets beaten up by the husband but still claims “mere sartaj dil k buray nhi”
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    I swear this is how I will take my 2 VOTEs BACK from PMLN.

    How would you know for sure they will vote for your candidate?
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    عمران خان کی جان کی حفاظت کیوں ضروری ؟ - اوریہ مقبول جان

    Losers like you have all the time in the world to watch full videos. Now get off my d before I put it somewhere it won’t let you say a word anymore
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    عمران خان کی جان کی حفاظت کیوں ضروری ؟ - اوریہ مقبول جان

    Misleading thumbnail. Can’t watch 30 minutes long video for 1 statement
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    Moodi speaking PMLN language against Imran Khan

    It’s an old video. Nasrullah and you can both go kiss modi
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    BBC News Urdu: Why Turkey went jeevay Pakistan to Pakistanis get out?

    Matlab apni ghalti nahi manni. Turkish women ka qasoor hai? Kitni bari taup ho sab ko pata hai. Pehle tum log apas se farigh ho lo phir tumhari aurton pe baat karain ge. Wese apni aurton ko tum khud beech mein laye ho baat kahin aur ki ho rhi thi. Reverse promotion strategy manna pare gi tumhari 😆
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    BBC News Urdu: Why Turkey went jeevay Pakistan to Pakistanis get out?

    Bbc urdu wont leave any chance against Pakistan. I would really love to see those inappropriate videos they’re talking about. A few of them I saw were just the sales girls working and they added songs in the background admiring their looks. Since when the turkish women with the revealing...
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    پاکستانی گلوکارہ مہک علی کو خراج تحسین،تصویر ٹائمز اسکوائر پر آویزاں

    Can it not be a paid advertisement by the singer to be on the Times Square billboards? Where are the newyorkers? Can somebody tell us
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    ادارہ اور خان کی چپ

    There can’t be a more stupid idea than Imran targeting the army and bajwa like nawaz. People have already done that. Stupid people have made indians happy by targeting their own chief already.
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    ساغرؔ وہ کہہ رہے تھے کہ پی لیجیے حضور

    Poem and the tweet are totally irrelevant. Dumb
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    رؤف کلاسرا سوشل میڈیا پر ایک وقت میں سب سے مشہور صحافی تھے

    I’m rather glad his true self came out like every other journo