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    Shahbaz Sharif's Son Salman Shahbaz New Scandal ---- (VIDEO)

    @Awan 1 this vdo is wat it is but wat ur selling here is even more worse Whole world wants to destroy us so no need to built the nation n to correct our matters Who stopped us from providing drinking water to our people?? Who stopped us frm educating our children?? One likes it or not call me a...
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    What next for PTI ... few suggestions (an open letter to IK)

    Its an open letter to IK ..if u like it Make it ur status on fb share this link every where or take it directly to IK ... It'll be a big help to our cause. AoA ******** After joint session things look gloomy for pti ... Buy still there is so much to play with. 1.In place of shah mahmood IK...
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    Can Anyone Tell Me What does this mean

    He meant by this that ... The privileged class in United India was Brahman ... and in Pakistan privileged class is these so called democrats who hold 90% wealth and power in this country ... so in other words we got independence from hindo or india but we are still slaves of that privileged...
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    A Hybrid Martial Law

    I set for my self a better indicator ... if zardari leaves by tomorrow or day after back to Dubai or UK then ... that will a clear indication that this govt is going ... keeping PM's post and being in govt is like riding a cheetah for PML N ... if they quit they know they can never come back...
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    Caption this!!!!

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    Caption this!!!!

    Kya insaan yaad dela deya ... beshaq unki her baat ki gawahi her jata din deta hai ... asay he kuch logh hain ... warna baki tou sab meri aapki tarha MATLAB k bandey hain ... matlab hua tou road pay ghaseet keya aur matlab hua tou 70 khane paka leya ...
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    عمران اور قادری دھرنے کی جگہ تبدیل کریں

    Apna aik darwaza ruk gaya tou bari takleef hai SC ko aur jab sara lhr sara ISB bandh keya hua hai 20 din sai tab they care a damn ... wah kya insaaf sai insaf k sab sai bare edarey ka...
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    امپائر کی انگلی آج رات بھی اٹھ سکتی ہے،

    Re: تھرڈ امپائر کی انگلی آج رات بھی اٹھی سکتی &#1729
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    دھرنے کی ناکامی کے اسباب

    Ajeeb baat hai ... abhi tou peak bhe nahi ayee dharne ki aur kesi ko lagey ka dharna khatam hogaya hai tou us ki akal pay matam he keya ja sakata hai ... andhey ko bhe nazar aa raha hai k ... abhi tou 1. MNA's ka resignations except hone baki hain. 2. KPK ki assembly dissolve ki ja sakte hai...
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    Dangerous game: PTI to march into Red Zone with women, children

    Jo bhe hoo jayee ... aan ager ISB mein koe gooli chalee tou woh lag kesi ko bhe jayee Halak NS hoga ... this is the last thing noora will want ... model town is more then enough for them already ... so they have no choice but to allow pti a peaceful demonstration on constitutional avenue ...
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    Breaking: Government hands over Red Zone, Islamabad's security to Pak Army

    Tou 3 weeks sai sara mulk kiss daar sai bandh keya hua hai ... atine he awam k selected ho tou aney datey na awam ko khul ker ... roo roo k last time allow keya woh bhe poomi butt sai hamla kerwa k ... kuch bhe ker loo ... beta koe aur job dondhoo ... lhr chirya gher main jaa ka HATHI nahlaya...
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    Breaking: Government hands over Red Zone, Islamabad's security to Pak Army

    Same three layers of security ... nothing new in whole press conf: they are repeating same lines nice last night ... but history also do repeat itself ... we will remember noora as being PM for three times and as PM for three times who never completed his tenure. :) :) :)
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    Should PTI KPK resign after No-confidence motion from opposition benches?

    Re: This is called tabdeeli........... I cant understand these people ... for small material gains ya itni biiizti karwane pay bhe raazi hain ... koe doubt nahi jesay leader wesay unke supporter ... aik lhr ka kalma chook ya azadi chook he pakistan nahi hai ... Peshawar tou asay show keya ja...