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    Kuin Nikala Muje Kuin Nikala

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    Ladies and gentlemen, the prime minister of Canada...dancing to bhangra!!!

    We love our new prime minister Justin Trudeau
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    PPP And MQM Are Involved In Mega Corruption & Terrorism In Karachi

    Re: MQM will Protest If Powers were given To Rangers Now. yai awam kabi nai aye ge bahir ****** awam hai bhai
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    45 ISIS fighters 'die after eating poisoned Ramadan meal in Iraq

    I am happy these ******* terrorists died.
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    Sindh Assembly Speaker Aga Siraj Duraani prediction came true , he said "Nelofir Cyclone will not hi

    open shirk. Astagfar. only Allah Has power to prevent us from disaster
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    Siyasat Aur Qanoon - 19h July 2014 - Israel Palestine conflict

    jis din se yai chawal fawad lota analyst bana hai main moeed ka program nai daikhta. kia chalwal banday ko rakha hai sath apny.
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    یہودی بمقابلہ مسلمان

    100% Agreee jo ap ne kaha.. buhat he khoubsurat tareekay se apne explain kia....
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    New Inzamam ul Haq in town?

    Slaam every one at well just wanted to tell every one that sohaib maqsood is my younger brother...yesterday my parents were interviewwd by geo n samaa...plz if u guys have link share it......I live here in canada....
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    Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Sath - 21st May 2013 - آنے والی حزب اختلاف میں اختلاف

    sheikh rasheed cha gya hai yaar tu ..... imran khan rocks
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    Nawaz and His Govt Failed Even Before Taking Oath

    good luck noora awaaam jahilo
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    A great choice by Imran khan, we hope khattak peera wont let us down

    keep it up pervaiz khatak...May Allah bless u
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    PTI Press Conference on Rigging - Latest stance - (20-05-2013)

    Re: Today's PTI Press Conference (20-05-2013) Part 1 welldone PTI.... I m happy you guys gona start protest movemnet against corrupt ECP and Pakistani establishment...