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    Is it true that MBS and Erdogan are guarantors?

    Its not true and was a bluff. I think Bajwaa trapped Khan again!
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    -کتا تو کنویں میں ہی پڑا رہ گیا

    Yeh watan tumaraa hai (Generals, Judges, Rich Criminals), hum hain hamawhaa iss mein 🙂
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    Guarantee & Date

    We will believe it when we see it is happening 🙂 I don't trust General Mafia so i don't understand why Khan trusted those snakes again!
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    حکومت کا پیٹرولیم منصوعات کی قیمتوں میں 30 روپے فی لیٹر اضافےکا اعلان

    Petrol 30 rupee sastaa, aik Phatwari ka kaprey utaar kar Izhar e Tashakur 😄
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    درخت جلانے پر عمر قید ،اسلامی ٹچ یوتھیو کتھے مر گئے او؟

    Billion tree Tusnami project ka mazaak uraaney waley Besharam Phatwariyoon ko drakhtoon ka hayal kahan se aa gaya?
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    قوم نے عمران خان کو ایبسلوٹلی ناٹ کہہ دیا ہے۔ مریم نواز

    Raand--- ki shakal se iss ki takleef ka andaaza kiya jaa saktaa hai 😀
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    Can we create a fund to support the families of Azadi March Shuhdaa's

    And who will get Justice for this poor lad? Party should help the poor family!
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    PTI: Mummy Daddy Party into a Street Fighting Machine? IK got a deal ?

    Rasi jal gai par bhal nahin gaey 😁
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    عمران خان نے حکومت کو 6 دن کی مہلت دیدی

    True, I believe its a trap and they trapped Khan again. This was the decisive movement which was not cashed by PTI.
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    حکومت نیب کے پر کترنے میں کامیاب، ترمیمی بل منظور

    Six day NRO and look what they are doing. Any notice from Bundayal? Now they shall burn their case files as well.
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    Saqoot_e_Dhaka, Bangali Sachey Thay

    Pakistan movement started from Bangal and they gave lots of sacrifices for Pakistan. Since day 1 our Napaak Generals and army ridiculed Bangalis. Read Shahab Naama book to find out the facts what our Coward Generals and governments did with Bangalis.
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    عمران خان نے حکومت کو 6 دن کی مہلت دیدی

    Trusting Generals is a big mistake. They will betray him again as they made a deal with the Devil(America).