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    پولیس نے ریپسٹ قاتل ایس پی کو ساتھیوں سمیت فرار کروا دیا

    Your spirit is highly commendable. Just remember we so called youthias always support truth irrespective who is raising voice
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    جاسوسی کیلئے عمران خان کے گھر بھیجی گئی ڈیوائس کام کیسے کرتی ہے؟

    Enemies of IK are much stronger but Almighty Allah is the best planner but all possible safety measures must be taken. May Almighty Allah protect our leader.
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    یہ کیسا انقلاب ہے جو آنے کو ہی نہیں دے رہا ؟؟

    Patwaris truly devoid of Grey matter still not realizing they are in trap now Zardari has taken the revenge death by thousand cuts is destiny
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    بڑی صنعتوں پر 10 فیصد سپر ٹیکس کا اعلان،پاکستان اسٹاک مارکیٹ میں شدید مندی

    Neutrals have won in destroying their homeland but they should keep in mind that this fire will ultimately proved to be their cremation
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    عمران خان کے اقتدار کی آخری رات،خوفناک خود کش دھماکہ ہونے جارہا ہے؟

    After ARY now few other channels are showing courage to spill the beans and now time is not very far for revolution
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    لیڈز ٹیسٹ: دلچسپ آؤٹ کی ویڈیو سوشل میڈیا پر وائرل

    Honestly speaking this is blessing in disguise. Yes this is real testing time but inshaAllah soon khan will be back with clear cut majority
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    نیب میں ہونیوالی ترامیم پر جاوید چوہدری بھی بول پڑے

    Or he is demanding increase as per inflation.
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    کسی ایک نے یہ سوال کیوں نہیں پوچھا؟

    I think now Pakistan is at make or break point,
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    لاہور: معروف کاروباری شخصیت سیٹھ عابد کی بیٹی قتل ، لےپالک بیٹا گرفتار

    I don't know whether it is fact or myth on his behest Benazir Bhutto was kidnapped in London
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    صنفِ آہن جنرل بابرہ افتخار کا تبادلہ ؟

    Game is becoming simple and simple. All this saga is aimed at achieving one object. Appointment of new COAS or extension of present COAS should not be by IK, because he will take decision in the best interest of nation.
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    پرویز الٰہی کا منصوبہ کامیاب،ن لیگ بڑا بلنڈر کربیٹھی۔اسداللہ خان

    There is no limit for Lahore High Court and also no limit for Supreme Court, can go to any extent to fulfill the nefarious designs of their god fathers.
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    After so many decades we got true patriotic leader and look who disposed him, an institution who claims to be mother of patriotism. Pakistan have been thrown in front of vultures we Insha-Allah come out of this crisis but these traitors will be remembered as one of the biggest traitors ever...
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    جس دن جنرل باجوہ سے ملاقات ہوئی احتجاج کروں گا: شیخ رشید

    People used to argue only institution left in the country is army. This episode strongly refutes their claim. Institution means irrespective of their heads principles and policy lines can't be much deviated.
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    ہم اس حکومتی فیصلے کا خیر مقدم کرتےہیں

    See the writing on the wall all these decisions are future investments