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    ایک گندا وزیر کشمیر میں لانچ ہوا ہے جو بھٹو کو غدار کہتا ہے، بلاول

    Yeh ghaddari hai is liye to I wrote its written in history forever Bhutto is a GHADDAR
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    ایک گندا وزیر کشمیر میں لانچ ہوا ہے جو بھٹو کو غدار کہتا ہے، بلاول

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    35 Saal PPP ko Vote Deny Wala Admi Maryam Aur Bilawal par Baras Para

    Dair aayd durust aayd, it's relatively easy for PPP supporters to think evaluate and decide based on the past performance and experience rather than a phatwari
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    Expenses of President Vs PM and Governors Vs CMs

    I believe these numbers must be reduced,country like Pakistan cannot afford these high expenditures
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    دہشت گردوں اور مہاجرین کو روکنے کیلئے طورخم بارڈر کو محفوظ بنا دیا گیا

    Pakistan cannot trust Afghanistan or Iran, they always have stabbed in the back never been loyal or sincere to Pakistan
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    Your sons and My son...

    Yeh farq hai halal ki kamai aur haraam ki kamai mein, jab haraam ka niwala khaya ho to aisi hi cheezain nikalti hain
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    Few more years of Modi and we will reach a point of No Return!!!

    Disintegration of Endia is written in the Era of Mudi, and it would be the huge achievement of CHAI WALA
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    Roads of Pakistan | Amazing Infrastructure of Future’s Economical Hub

    Pakistan is a blessing of Allah on the Muslims of sub continent, it is the only country which is formed in the name of Islam, only 2 countries in the world which come in existence in the name of religion, other is Israel, which is formed forcibly snatching the land from Palestinians, ypu could...
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    With 50 Taliban fighters on the battlefield, the ANA troops would retreat

    I don't think Afghanistan will be stablizing soon, there will be a lot more bloodshed and the situation will be worst than ever before, it is not good for Pakistan also but I don't think we have any choices or control over it
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    پاکستانی صحافیوں کا اصل مسئلہ کیا ہے؟

    Yeh woh randian hain jo Kotha tootnay ke baad idhar udhar mooh maarti phirti hain
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    محمد مالک مریم کا میڈیا سیل چلا رہے،شاہین صہبائی اور محمد مالک آمنےسانے

    Absolutely right, Malik ko samajh nahi aya ke kiya kiya jaye tardeed ya tasdeeq
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    Are Taliban going to Hell?

    It's better not to comment as ONLY ALLAH knows who is going where
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    Civilized and uncivilized cannibals : story of Indian Elite

    There is a huge difference in between poor and elite people of Endia, one does not have water to drink or toilets to use, others are living like kings
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    مریم نواز الیکشن کیمپین کے بعد عوام کے درمیان آئسکریم خریدتے ہوئے

    Bachhpan se hi choopa lagaya hai, zabardast tarbiat hai Nawaz loharay ki, bari mehnat ki hai