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    Corrupt Nawaz Sharif Loots, Lies, Makes Fake Reports Also Go's Mosque

    Thread starter's english is more funnier than the video lolz
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    Look at this guy bashing IK

    only opened this to send lanut on this midget
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    Nawaz Sharif Kee Hamookat, Ishaq Dar K Bahir Bhagney kee wajoohat!!!!

    so javed ch is your hero all of a sudden?
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    Imran Khan Is The Cleanest Politician In South Asia | Says Son Of Ex-CJ .

    everyone knows that but is he capable of delivering?
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    Way forward

    new bonga on the forum.
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    System is Collapsing NOT Imran Khan

    well said
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    Power of Social Media, Iftikhar Iffi Allotted Plot by Malik Riaz

    how about the rest of us?
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    Look at this 60 year old Pakistani! What excuses do you have after that?

    60-Year-Old Bodybuilder Sets His Eyes On The ‘Mr. Asia’ Title After Winning ‘Mr. Pakistan’ Waheed won the Mr. Punjab title before being crowned Mr. Pakistan.
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    حکومت کو موٹر سائیکل مافیا کو لگام دینی چاہیے بالخصوص ہنڈا

    We can't even make a bloody motor cycle in this country 220 million useless people
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    Not pleasant to watch the COVID tragedy in India

    devastating stuff