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    فضل الرحمان کراچی کے اسپتال میں داخل

    these khabees so called molanas do not die so easily. they have to pay for worldy sins and then will be asked for worldy sins in the hereafter. It makes no difference as a person who beleivves in the hereafter will never commit sins like fazloo
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    U.S withdrawal from Afghanistan without involving Pakistan is a disaster

    US policy from day one is transactional. How many countries they used,then raped and finally abandoned. The capitalist mindset is rapacious. This is not the first time they are leaving Afghanistan and Pakistan in a hurry. As long as third world has leaders like murdaris, haramkhor ganjas...
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    بلاول صاحب اپنی ادائیں دیکھیں ،آپکی کی ایسی کی تیسی : شہباز گل

    You have forgotten the ace in the hole, Zulfiqar Jr. who perhaps best describes the whole elan of the Bhutto family. He very ably is the true genetic inheritor the Rajasthan courteson who was 'finangled' on Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto while carrying an alien package. That alien package has destoyed our...
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    US deep pocket who interviewed PM Imran Khan is now feeling the heat

    Where would you expect to find a worn out pros? Not in a house of honor , would you? Where would you expect to find Ghaleeza Farooqi? With such a ugly face and equally ugly character she has to earn her her full amount before she is dumped. In this country prostitutes and journalist prostitutes...
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    Its been 13 Years and the train of Justice didn't arrived yet

    Anyone mad enough to expect justice in Pakistan especially if the injustice has been done the rich and powerful should have his head blown off to prevent others from getting such irresponsible and negative thoughts. The Judges and Lawyers of Pakistan will be the first in hell but we following...
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    Qazi Faiz Essa's Father: Pak Movement Leader or a Traitor

    The only people we have in excess are rotten rascals like Qazi family, Ganja haramkhors of Amritsar pimping fame. Murdaris who stabbed Bhuttos , who again stabbed daddy Ayub Khan, the easy load 'Frontier Gandhi' family of Ghaffaria. To date we have not produced a patriot and so we do not know...
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    Should not be talking about morality when you have an Illegitimate child!!!

    Can anyone explain why Mehr Abbasi has reverted to being a Bokhari? Why are we fixated on fixing the correct pegs for the correct holes. Why do the marasis otherwise known as anchors trying to throw filth at others? Can Sarkari Haajan, Ghaleeza Farooki stand the scrutiny on their private lives...
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    شیخ روحیل اصغر - کیا گالی کے ساتھ بدمعاشی بھی پنجاب کے کلچر کا حصہ ہے ؟

    If we start discussing the culture and morality of the glorious Punjab and the adjoining Rajputana, then we will be hanging our heads in shame more times than in lifting our chests in pride. Unfortunately most of our history and culture is pure imagination. Aside from Maharaja Ranjit Singh we...
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    بلاول پر غلیظ زبان استعمال کی،میں ہوتی تو اس کو ضرور گریبان سے پکڑتی:پلوشہ

    Palwasha who? First try to find your own identity. Is the booted sleuth who led you to the marital couch accepting you? Billo Rani's got enough 'punctures' to make him indefensible. Being the scion of Daku Rani [Benazir] has not successfully defended his status. Palwasha your weight cannot...
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    ہر شخص پکار پکار کر کہہ رہا ہے کہ میرا پیٹ خالی ہے۔ شہباز شریف

    Punjab MPAs since time immemorial have been like slaves of the top honcho of the province. The only time Punjabis have shown courage in history has been during Ranjit Singh's rule. Never before or after that. They are very inventive in new forms of abusive language and destroying the decorum. Do...
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    گالیاں دینا پنجاب کا کلچر ہے۔ شیخ روحیل اصغر

    We may not like it but what he says has become the Punjabi culture courtesy the Punjabi Movies. No self respecting Punjabi can be seen without a huge mustache and a equally gigantic 'gandasa'.
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    Benazir Bhutto Talking about the inept tax system of Pakistan how 2 improv

    Not only was Daku Rani [Benazir] corrupt but a few generations of her family were not only corrupt but had sold their soul to the devil. She could not produce a single progeny that eastern mothers are proud of. All she could produce was a shemale who shrieks when she is not 'fingered' and a...
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    اللہ نہ کرے کہ پاکستان میں سول وار شروع ہو

    All the great nations have faced civil wars and revolutions. What is the Sub-continent has never seen a civil war or revolutions in 5000 yrs. What is more they have never attacked a country outside except Ranjit Singh. When the people did not rise against the famous judgement in favor of qazi...
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    کرونا کی برکت سےکچھ پیسے ملے ہیں اور یہ اترا رہے ہیں کہ معیشت بہترہو گئی

    Have you seen the size of their bellies. Covid-19 will have difficulty entering their 'ojhrri'.