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    Rangers arrests MQM committee incharge

    Re: Rangers militants kidnap MQM committee incharge to unknown location while returning from Jummah prayers Beta Bisaat tumhari bari bhi aney wali hey
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    عظیم رینجرز کی عظیم نااہلی

    Jo bhi hey. I salute Pak Rangers for restoring peace in Karachi. If law and order situation is improving in karachi, That means, they are doing right thing
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    Mazhabi Sodagar - مذہبی سوداگر - Kursheed Nadeem - Best Journalist in Pakistan

    @indigo Brother can you please me link? I wanna share it on FB. Thanx
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    Javed Ahmad Ghamdi Threads - Collection

    Re: Musalman, Ger Muslim aur Kafir - Javed Ahmed Ghamidi ,Must Watch. Mind your language man. no need to be furious. he always talks with Quran and Hadith. he presents his point of view with strong arguments. ppl blame him but fail to counter his arguments. I request you come up stronger...
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    Javed Ahmad Ghamdi Threads - Collection

    Re: Musalman, Ger Muslim aur Kafir - Javed Ahmed Ghamidi ,Must Watch. app logoon key iss attitude ki wajah say haam yeh sam bughat rahey hein. dekhi nahi app nein shias ko bussoon say utaar kar marney ki? khuda key lieyey reham karoo apney oper aur issi ghareeb qoum per. app baat sono aghar...
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    خان صاحب ذرا ادھر بھی دیکھ لیں

    i used to think that you are a gentleman . but you proved himself a chawal. where is it written in islam to expose the ppl? it's his personal matter and will be judged on the day of judgement. if it does not hurt anyone. you need not to worry about what he does.
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    Why I love to hate Imran!

    woh khan hi kya jissay aik baar baat samjh a jaey :P @zuli khan just joking :P
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    What does Islam say about using Zakaat as an Investment & PMLN's Hilarious response

    chawal honey key lieyey mehnat to nahi karni parti bus avein hi ban jata hey banda chawal like all PML N members
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    Capital Talk - 31st July 2012 - Dr Abdul Qadir Khan, Agha Waqar Ahmed & Dr. Atta ur Rehman - Agha w

    Re: Dr. Atta-ur-rehman is corrupt or incompetent (must watch and read) ya ALLAH iss qoum per reham farma. app log hosla karein bus kuch dinoon baad iss key fraud ka pata chal jaey gha. it's impossible. aghar yeh ho ghya hey to hey dunya key science mein diyeyey ghay sab nobel prizes wapas ho...
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    White LEDs Lighting Directly On Paper

    I am also PhD student and working on ZnO self cleaning textiles. what has he done is not new. hundreds of ppl are working on this and done better jobs. If some body has seen stickers on the trucks in the night. they are shine up with small amount of light. they are ZnO or ZnS coated plastic...
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    News Night with Talat - 30th July 2012 - Engr. Agha Waqar Ahmed & Dr. Atta ur Rehman(Can a car run

    Re: News Night with Talat - 30th July 2012 - Agha Waqar Ahmed - A Pakistani engineer who has invented a car that runs on water! it seems you r completely unaware of the established laws of thermodynamics. it's true energy can be transferred from one form to other. but how much Power in watts...
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    Javed Ahmad Ghamdi Threads - Collection

    Re: GEO New Program SAWAL with Ghamidi I have been listening to Ghamidi sb and the ppl who oppose him for more than 4 years, but i never find someone logical and rational like him. For GOD sake, if you have different opinion, present it with arguments and logic, not with abusive language. jab...
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    Such a Heart Touching Pic !

    OMG. It's so heart touching. can't control my emotions :(
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    The Video Imran doesnt want you to see!!!

    jani! app wakia hi kabil e reham h. sab logoon ko app say taziat karni chahyeye. lekin aik baat hey, app nein oss waqat jab app ki baji i mean sita white yeh karney ja rahi thi kyoon na roka. aghar waqat per ossay roka hota to app najaiz bhanji key mamoon to na bantey. bus meri to app say...