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    Did American Drone Use Pakistani Airspace to Target al-Zawahiri?

    An important question that nobody in Pakistani media is asking is that did American drone strike use Pakistani airspace? The most likely answer is YES! If that is the case, then once again Bajwa and Co.'s nexus with the USA for the regime change operation is exposed...
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    Accountability should start from Judiciary & Army.

    who is this gem?
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    Markets respond to dumb general's misadventure!

    If you recall, Maryam was in jail, she is out on a bail that was granted by the supreme court. As for Zardari, his protectors were Bajwa & co. And if PTI govt failed to prosecute him then it is their fault. I'm not here to defend PTI, I just couldn't digest your illogical comment. Let us all...
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    Markets respond to dumb general's misadventure!

    And you think that will stabilize the economy or the PKR? Secondly, why arrest just IK, why not Zardari, SS, & Maryam (btw who is out on a bail), there is a pile of evidence against them? Stop talking utter nonsense and grow up!
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    Markets respond to dumb general's misadventure!

    There are two main reasons for this free fall of PKR against the US dollar. (1) Political uncertainty; and the credit goes to duffer generals. (2) Illegal capital flight; ever since these thugs came to power, large-scale money laundering has started again. Rupee slides to record low of...
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    شہباز حکومت میں مہنگائی کم نہیں ہو سکتی،عابد قیوم سلہری

    It is funny that Abid appears on the TV as an economic expert :)
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    Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid resign from the Cabinet

    He is a shameless clown. He won't resign and needs to be dragged out by the ankle.
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    Interview with Muhammad Ali Tabba of Lucky Group

    Please do not think he is some honest "para likha" industrialist. He is another beneficiary of crony capitalism in Pakistan. He was a central player in many cement scams and is a tax fraudster.
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    جنرل باجوہ کون ہے؟ کورس میٹ کے انکشافات

    Guys, I have come to the conclusion that none of these FA pass faujis worth listening to. They should not be given any space in intellectual discourse. BTW, why is this idiot sitting in Canada?
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    Will Imran Khan's wife come in the sit-in question asked by Kamran Shahid

    Uski ka to pata nahi, Kamran ki biwi to zaroor aye gee!
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    حماد اظہر شیل لگنے سے زخمی ہو گئے

    He is the minister who worked brilliantly to take Pakistan out of FATF :(
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    A glimpse of what's coming towards Islamabad

    I think right now the size of the march does not matter. The desperation of the government and Bajwa & Co. is evident. Khan can sit and wait in Isb even with 20-30K people. The rest of the crowd can join later, whenever the obstacles are removed. The government can not afford to continue...
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    اپنے دشمنوں سے حساب چکتا کرنے کا نادر موقع

    So, fundamentally you are a cheat, coward, and an immoral person. Take a look into the mirror.