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    Story behind cafe Alynto, Lahore Raid over serving alcohol

    Doesn't make sense calling him Afghani. Whatever he said totally makes sense. Lahore and Karachi are major cities by population.
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    G-7 Summit Main Narendra Modi Ko Sharmindgi Ka Saamna

    Source of the news is quoted. is not a news making website.
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    Huawei launches own operating system to rival Android

    They didn't make an OS overnight, it was in development since 2012 but yes they are a great nation to accept any challenge. Furthermore Huawei is owned by the Chinese government that's why US and other countries are worried if Huawei collect user data, it could be used against them in the...
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    Bilawal ghairat kerian aur apne abba ki chori ka hisaab dain - Heated argument b/w Sadaqat Ali Abbasi and Shehla Raza

    This woman lost her two kids in a traffic accident in 2005 but yet she defend corrupt children of corrupt family with such zeal. How pathetic. Our society is very corrupt that's why we tolerate such people. How can they get elected?
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    Maryam Aurangzeb reacts to PM's speech at Capital One Arena

    Her mother was the personal nurse of maryam mom
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    Why did IK receive humiliation in US?

    My point was, apply the advice to yourself first before preaching it to others. And nobody cares if you are a punjabi or pathan. You're short tempered yourself but expect others to say kalma. Are you for real?
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    Why did IK receive humiliation in US?

    Why do you curse back but not say kalma yourself? Typical hypocrite.
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    Fawad ch responds to’s latest twitter poll

    FC is a perfect match for the filthy mouths of PPPP and PMLN
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    Why did IK receive humiliation in US?

    can't imagine your pain cuz i have never been so much jealous in my life. LOL
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    Long Live Pakistan

    Long Live Pakistan
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    Another corruption story of Sharif family exposed

    تھک گئے یہ کہانیاں سنتے سنتے . اس ملک میں کوئی قانون ہی نہیں ہے جو ان حرامخوروں کو سزا دے سکے . گول مال
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    How Popalzai accept a Cresent witness.

    LOL. All this science and technology wasn't possible a 100 years ago let alone 1400 years. What would have you adviced the Prophet s.a.w and his companions,? Muslims are asked to look for the new moon after maghrib that's why you should see it yourself rather than defending on the relying on...
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    How Popalzai accept a Cresent witness.

    All this wasn't even possible a hundred years ago. What would have you advised the Prophet and his companions?