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  • Dear member,

    I'm trying to reach out to ever member and bring everyone on the same page. Everyone's opinion is respected, as long you are not being abusive or getting personal with others.

    following is the example of your post I just came across.

    "An MQM d o g at his barking best !!"

    Instead of responding to an abusive post, Report it and we'll take an appropriate action against the user.

    I hope, you will cooperate with us to make this forum a better place.
    oye badmaash,

    you were saying that you will come to my home and teach me a lesson and make me regret, then you asked for my location and when i gave you my location, you ran away .....

    have you forgotten all the cheap threats you gave me ??

    bohat ghatia insaan ho tum..

    dafa ho jao..
    Abey Tu tu apni location tak nahi bata raha. Darr se teri geeli ho rahi hogi. jaldi bata kahan miley ga.

    I never said that I will not tell my location. Open your eyes and read..

    In fact i am amazed at your backfoot mentality when you say Darr se teri geeli ho rahi hogi. It looks like you are running away and you are hiding your defeat by saying this.

    My location is already on my profile info and more will be given if you come here but the question is if you will really come here to make me regret as you threat. I dont think so..

    Infact, your behavior reminds me of the famous proverb BARKING DOGS SELDOM BITE
    Now Dont run away like a pathetic low life arthropod. Tell me and Ill be there and by God you will regret that day u even thought of facing me. Grow some balls and gimme ur location. Comon and lets c who get bruised and humiliated. Certainly not me, that I can assure u. Bring It on....







    ^^^ I dont have any problem in giving you my location BUT yeh jo tum ne DHAMKIAN de hain, in ko pura kar ke dikhao, agar tum mein himmat hai !!
    Immoral Chap, I am not running away but when you say this, you show that you are running away..

    I have read every word of threat in your message... bohat tarian laga rahey ho !!!

    Come on, show what you will really do to make your written claims come true.

    You immoral chap... you lost from the beginning when you could not defend your khariji TTP brothers.. now you are desperate to make threats.. Come here and show what you have..
    So you live in Lahore ???
    You are also a 2 faced chap, showing the location of Faisalabad on the profile and living in Lahore.
    Daikhte hain kaun kis ko girata hai..

    You are that chap who started the fight by using the abusive word.

    TIll now. You lost from the beginning when you could not defend your khariji brothers and could not prove your recent false accusations.

    YOU LOST..
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