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    Salman Rushdie attack was unjustifiable, says Pakistan’s Imran Khan

    The correct link: I am very proud of Imran Khan for this statement. Basically, we have to ask ourselves the question; is my faith so weak that I feel threatened by someone's...
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    اتحادی جماعتیں جہاں بھی کھڑی ہیں لیکن حکومت کیساتھ نہیں کھڑی،ایازامیر

    Ayaz Ameer is an educated very well read man. I respect his opinions but does not mean I agree with many of them. Absolutely, without a doubt Imran Khan has made some grievous mistakes and Buzdar is right up there on the list of his blunders. I personally disagree with many things he does and...
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    تحریک عدم اعتماد پر ووٹنگ نہیں ہوگی، صابر شاکر

    Sorry, just got this. But, the excuses I call them reasons are all in front of us. for example he would say... The current turmoil created by the opposition is an attempt to delay and derail the economic recovery the country is inching towards. In the interest of Pakistan, his commitments and...
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    تحریک عدم اعتماد پر ووٹنگ نہیں ہوگی، صابر شاکر

    To begin with this ridiculous resolution will not succeed. So, I stand corrected that its late for IK to dissolve the assembly. But, its not too late for him to ask his CMs in Punjab and KP to dissolve those assemblies? If that happens it will trigger new elections? Am I reading this correctly...
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    Thank you for clarification Sheikh Rasheed - Monis Elahi

    Yes, Q and MQM I wrote earlier are now the 10 dolla(r) whores of Pakistan!
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    یہ ملکی تاریخ کی پہلی جمہوری عدم اعتماد ہے - بلاول بھٹو

    You dont need this sort of stuff. Remember if you support Imran Khan he would strictly forbid you from promoting this nonsense. Live and let live!
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    چوہدری شجاعت وزیراعظم کی جانب سے سیاسی قائدین کے نام بگاڑنے پر ناخوش

    the Q league and MQM are quickly become a ten dolla(r) whores!
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    Hafizabad jalsay ki aik halki si jhalak

    I will be there!
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    کرپٹ افراد کے خلاف آواز اٹھانا عدلیہ اور الیکشن کمیشن کی ذمہ داری ہے

    What a great man. I disagree with IK on many things especially the religiosity. But, I support this great man. I am traveling to Pakistan to be part of the Jalsa in Islamabad. I support Imran Khan because he loves Pakistan. He speaks with sincerity and always keeps the greater good of the...
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    چلو چلو اسلام آباد چلو عمران خان کے سنگ

    Apologize did not know that. But as I said earlier IK will not take anything lying down. That's in his genes, he is a fighter. But, my gut tells me he is not going anywhere. Remember the saying "fortune favors the brave", well there are few in Pakistan if any who are braver than IK. So, my...
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    چلو چلو اسلام آباد چلو عمران خان کے سنگ

    Not so fast mister. If push comes to shove IK will break the assembly before he gives anyone a chance to evict him. You have to understand if anything the man has a lot of pride. Do not forget he would do this knowing come the next election he is coming back with a heavier mandate. You sound...
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    وزیراعظم نے جنگ کا باقاعدہ آغاز کردیا

    Dragging religion into every damn thing. Its sickening!
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    پاکستان کو دہشت گردی کا سرپرست ملک قرار دیا جائے،امریکی کانگریس میں بل پیش

    I am yet to see any recent resolutions on Pakistan introduced by Bill Perry. The last resolution was in March 2019. I will wait before contacting his office!
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    US counsel general just met PMLN's Hina Butt

    Thats ridiculous. What if someone judges you based on the way you look?
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    جہانگیر ترین گروپ اور علیم خان کے اجلاس کی اندرونی کہانی سامنے آ گئی

    Point is IK is not going anywhere. He will be here for a long time to pester crooks and the corrupt like Nawaz Budmash and the rapist of Sindh Zardari!