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  • I was just about to inform you that the link was not working. Please get a working link and we shall embed the video.
    I am telling you on behalf of admin if you post that site link/logo again you will be permanently ban and we are not going to repeat ourselves to explain it.
    No link for personal content is allowed Zain must have advised you in different context. we accept other sites links only for news or famous columns. you better not use this excuse to promote your site It will not be tolerated.
    You were given another chance after violating forum rules but you are still promoting other site in your thread. Consider it your warning and you will be monitored now.
    Hello Haris,
    Don't post offensive PM to any member to mock his faith. Religion is a serious and sensitive personal issue therefore, we expect from every member to show acceptance and tolerance towards all faiths. Repeating such offence will result in strict action against you and based on your previous history, we are hoping that you will not lead yourself to that point. For any further question, please feel free to contact mods team.
    currently some options have been disabled due to heavy traffic on the forum. We will activate this signature options as soon as we can.
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