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    مقصود چپڑاسی کے اکاؤنٹ میں اربوں روپے کہاں سے آئے؟حمزہ شہباز کا دعویٰ

    jnab he only said its a business transaction and CREDIBLE journalist didn't asked to explain it how and why? Baki uski sari taqreer baith kar sunti rahi hai... aiwae to sahafat ka jnaaza nahi nikla Pakistan ka
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    بلاول زردری کے الزامات پر وزیرِ اعظم عمران خان کی ہمشیرہ علیمہ خان کا جواب

    I really get angry when patwar khana made such statements. She is one of the initial businesswoman who established Buying Houses in Pakistan. They were the liaison office of Macys USA. In 2008 they exported 30 million USD worth of goods alone, 72 containers. I am saying this because I was the...
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    پاکستانی نژاد امریکی ڈاکٹر کا کارنامہ،خنزیر کا دل انسانی جسم میں ٹرانسپلانٹ

    If that patient is you, your mother/father/daughter, you can let them die with dignity.
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    the reality of Imran khan and shreef family in 1960's

    69 model was released in 1960.... banda lai littar laway tae paa laway lamyaa.
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    No more investment in Pakistan

    Its sad how some goons are reacting to this post. Al what they can is to discourage others.
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    Q&A from Bilal Maqsood to his Dad Anwar Maqsood - Pure Gold -Enjoy

    There was a time when karachi walay told them that they are muhajirs, and later a time they started calling themselves mohajirs.
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    پاکستان سے روزانہ کتنے ملین ڈالر سے زائد رقم افغانستان جا رہی ہے؟

    its not about how the maximum limit a person can personally take with. Afghanis are anyway coming in masses and are taking 1000, 2000, 3000 dollars with them. If govt will say no dollars can be taken to Afghanistan, thats also not good for relationship with our new neighbour govt. If we let...
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    نوازشریف کو ویکسین لگنے کا معاملہ، حکومت نے ایکشن لے لیا

    If data entry operator is corrupt, he can hijack the system within his jurisdiction. Its all GREED. Only fear to true justice can impede it
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    پیپلزپارٹی کے وزیرسےشادی:حریم شاہ اب سچ بول رہی ہیں یا پہلے؟

    Rana Asim have daily task to post blogs in certain number. How sad, yeh din bhi aana tha ko content writer bharti karnay parr gaye
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    no more freedom of opinion in Pakistan's digital media

    You are right, the bloger hired by for content creation dont have a sense. And its a shame for that it couldnt hold its old content creators. The reason is bullying in comments and abusive language. Just see any siasi blog and watch comments are never deleted. Why would a...
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    ڈٹ کے کھڑا ہے اب کپتان۔۔

    Seriously? The thread starter does not understand difference in logistics support to attack a country and logstic support to escape from the country...
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    PSX in last years returns are -48%, where as Argentina has 20% improvement.

    The beauty of data is that You only read the lines what suits your point. Thread starter probably missed to place 0. before -48% is for 10 years. Shahzada
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    Olympics Failures, when this Chairman be Kicked Out?

    Pakistan had never been on top of the Olympic table list, but at least its name was on the table. Institutions like Olympic Committee should be headed by someone who knows the sport, not a screw head general who just wants to get perks in this life and if he can, in Hereafter too. It's now time...