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    Why Army is against Accountability? Another Scam Surfaced

    IK had a minority govt in corrupt system in which all the elite are beneficiaries. From the media, to the Judiciary everyone is against him, in those circumstances he has little chance. The mafia have killed him with a 1000 cuts. May Allah help PK. Mushy on the other hand has no such excuses...
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    قومی فاسٹ باؤلر محمد عامر نے برطانوی شہریت کیلئے درخواست دے دی

    Well NS and family have done it. He is only doing what other corrupts are doing.
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    Peace and tranquility will prevail if Hamas ceases to exist today!!!

    Hamas is the bogeyman the Zionists use to oppress the Palestinians. But if they disappeared, they would find some other bogeyman. The only way to fight the Zionists is for the Ummah to unite, and get some real economic power. But we rather fight each other than any enemy.
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    اسرائیل کو اپنے دفاع کا مکمل اختیار حاصل ہے،امریکی صدر جوبائیڈن

    where is your leader NS on this. Why doesn't he speak up,not a peep against his controllers.
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    Is Crypto investment Haram?

    In your view haraam or halal?
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    Who are the snakes in PM ImranKhan sleeve? Identification of ministers .

    The haraami MR has his finger in every pie. Imran Riaz isn't wrong very often..
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    Is Crypto investment Haram?

    The technology is real and will help to create the digital currencies for each country in the very near future but these cryptos are a ponzi scheme and if ponzi schemes are haraam, then this is haraam.
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    Thinking of suicide

    Sorry you have just answered your my question. My friend stick in there and IA you recover from illness. Keep busy, play sport if its possible and socialise as much as you can
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    Thinking of suicide

    Are you talking about yourself Or is this a general question
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    وزیراعظم کی ننگے پاؤں مقدس سر زمین پر حاضری قابل تعریف عمل - ناصر حسین شاہ

    Noora tataa, when is NS going to even speak in the subject. You haraamis claim he is your leader so tell me why he hasn't even released a twitter statement on this?
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    شہباز شریف قطر نہ جا سکے، ایئر لائن نے آف لوڈ کر دیا

    The saddest part is this system is that no reforms are in the offing. And with crooked Isa coming soon the slate will be wiped clean for all these thugs. We need a revolution to hang these judges
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    Email- Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan

    I don't have billions to pay in bribes to get a reply
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    Agricultural Revolution in the Offing (Must Watch)!!!

    It's terrible that we have a PM with a vision.
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    Agricultural Revolution in the Offing (Must Watch)!!!

    Even if 20% of the desired results are attained then it will make a visible difference to the poor people and prices
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    Another Pti Government achievement's Pakistan Added on Amazon Sellers List

    It's strange that whenever the PTI does anything,, you start to froth at the mouth at the bitterness and jealousy. In the Noora time, we had a PM who spent a quarter of time abroad on holiday and not a peep from you losers. Well done PTI and IK