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    Taliban must win hearts & soul of Afghan masses to rule successfully

    Tricky times ahead. Hope and pray Afghanistan doesn’t fall back infighting.
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    Why am I afraid of a Powerful Imran Khan, Maalick???

    The reason Imran khan outmaneuvered the status quo parties is not hybrid regime but because he is honest to his country, he says what he means, he cares about the welfare of his country. Allah sends his blessing to such people and remove hurdles from Their way. Remember the truth always win at...
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    اردو میں تعلیم دینا جہالت کی طرف قدم ہے - عاصمہ شیرازی

    I hope govt is not talking about teaching math and physics in Urdu.
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    Hassan Nisar on Imran Khan's 3 years performance

    Inshallah, as Hasan Nisar said there is slow cultural change happening in Pk. It will not be easy for mirasi politicians to get votes from until they start working for people (which they are not capable of).
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    Miserably failing morals in Pakistani dramas.

    I believe the hidden agenda behind these story plots is to change our social structure and values. Believe me I’m not saying we don’t have problems but the kind of ideas these dramas are putting in peoples head will have dire consequences. I wish there was an alternative channel which can...
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    کرپشن کی وجہ سے چین نے ترقی کی ہے تو ہمیں تو امریکہ کے مدمقابل ہونا چاہیے

    Phir govt or police vagaira khatam kardeytey hain or yey awaam ko biryani khilaakey key dun-yaavi mouj karey..
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    Why Opposition is afraid of Electronic Voting Machines?

    It should be tied to their address on their driver license/is card. Though not completely fool proof it makes it harder to register at 4 different stations.
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    Stunning GDP growth smashes false narratives

    Inshallah the future of Pakistan will be Prosperity in every house hold. Inshallah mother’s will not kill themselves or their children due to lack of food. What we have been suffering today and in the last has been a direct result of corruption of these two parties. Inshallah their days are...
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    Army is Openly Opposing Accountability

    For the benefit of Pakistan anybody involved shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law regardless their social status of affiliation to any one.
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    Jobs hi Job 628 factories Construction started with Rs 700 Billion

    Yes true. But atleast we have some hope from this govt.
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    آپ نے جہانگیر ترین کو ان آر او دے دیا؟ عمران خان سے شہری کا سوال

    Mashallah. Pakistan is blessed by an honest leader who is fighting against the corrupt for yeh people of Pakistan.
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    IK's 22y struggle, No 2/3 majority, Public want PM to fight alone all Mafia

    Well written. Imran khan can’t do anything alone until public doesn’t raise voice against injustice , and corruption.
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    These Criminals have no shame in lying, looting & fooling public

    She is playing pressure tactic before her appearance and trying to build her support base. May Allah rid Pakistan of these animals.