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    یورپ کے مُدبّرینِ سیاست کی فتنہ انگیزیاں

    I admire Mudoodi Sahib for more than 40 years until I watch videos of Javed Ahmed Ghamidi, I am convinced the damage done by Mudoodi to Muslims of today is more than anyone else. Today Muslim blood is flowing Mudoodi Sahib's Fikr have Lion's share in it. If anybody want to know the truth Watch...
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    Fall of Muslim Umma -

    Single reason of down fall of Islam or Muslims is Sufism. Ghazali has lion's share in it. Not only we destroy our worldly standing but also risking Akhra by drifting away from Tuheed due to Sufism. Tasawaf is 100% Parallel to islam.
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    احیائے خلافت . محدثین مججدین اور صوفیا

    The single thing which bring this ummat to its knees and destruction is Tusawaf. Majority of the names he mentioned are sofia who have lion's share to spoil the true teaching of Islam specially Tuheed.If anybody have doubt watch this video.
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    Imran Khan ko kisi aam gherailu larki se shadi kerni chahiye thi - Haroon Rashid

    ​MI6 is wasting its resources.Our religious leaders are more than enough to destroy our lives and akhrat. The nation which is so deeply involve in Grave and Peer worshiping can not be spare from disasters.These Earth quick floods and heartless rulers,are these from MI6. Actual problem is Shirk...
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    Urta huwa taara hoon ooncha sa ik naara hon - may Allah bless you with all happiness our dearest kap

    Imran Khan is One in Billion. He has beautiful heart and feeling for people of Pakistan. Mey Allah bless you. Long live Imran Khan.
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    Imran Khan has shown that he is a man of very strong nerves :- Sami Ibrahim

    Re: Imran Khan has shown that he is the man of very strong nerves :- Sami Ibrahim Excellent analysis by Sami Ibrahim.Imran Khan shows his Love for Pakistan and its people is above all things.I am really sad.Islam mey Zulm ki ajazat nahi,Therefore Divorce is allowed if you can not live nicely...
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    Jamaat-e-Islami's Prominent Leader Liaqat Baloch's Son Will Contest On PTI's Ticket in LB Polls

    jamaat islami must hands off from elections and politics like jamaat islami hind.they must support good people in politics.
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    NAB arrests locomotive factory engineer for accumulating assets in the millions!!!

    ​Good job that they catch person with Millions of Rs transfer.They have lot of respect who transfer Billions of Dollars Carry on Drama bazi.
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    Critism of Javed Ahmed Ghamidi on Ghulam Ahmed Parwez

    ​Ghamidi Sahib talking with logic if anybody has any dispute he can reply with Reference and Logic. Watch these two videos to understand composition of Pakistani and Indian Muslim societies. One day every one...
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    ہار جیت عمران کا مسئلہ نہیں: نذیر ناجی

    There is no doubt Pakistani people were dis heart and fed up of politics then Imran Khan put life in Pakistan politics,Credit goes to Imran Khan. Carry on Bravo.
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    Top 50 most influential Muslim Personalities. (Two Pakistani)

    Both are Deobandi.If any body is interested to know the composition of Muslim society in Pak o Hind he can watch videos by Javed Ghamidi '' and also another video There is one Book free to download '' Zalzla...
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    اللہ کوچھوڑکرجنہیں پکارتےہو

    Allah (swt) Anbiya aour Salheen ki Taaref khud kerta ha tu yeh Ghiabana Murdoo ko pakarney key braber kaisey ho gia. Quran is very clear Madad key liey sirf Allah (swt) ko pukara ja sakta ha. Jo zanda insan aik dousrey sey madad liatey hain jis ki wo taqat rekhtey houn,wo taawano alel bir wal...
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    Pakistan poised to rank among top 25 economies by 2025

    Just check their personal assets now and 10 years before.
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    High Profile cases to be sent to Military Courts - I.G.Sindh

    90 Raid key baad Karachi bund karwaney waley na maalom afrad ki talash agr koiy un key barey mey janta ho tu Dr Farooq Satar ko itlaa dey.
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    Iranians and syrians asylum seekers converting to christianity in droves in Germany , a news item .

    Re: Iranians converting to Christianity in Germnay ​Pehlay Ali ko mushkil kusha manta tha ab Essa ko Khuda ka biata manney laga farq kia ha.