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    ڈاکٹر شازیہ زیادتی کیس میں ڈاکٹر شاہد مسعود،محسن بیگ نےڈالرز لئے؟حیدر مہدی

    What else can one expect from the current journalist lot whom people have rejected by switching to online news outlets like Youtube and Twitter.
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    Bajwa Leaks: Bajwa’s Family Becomes Billionaire in Six Years

    Be careful with Tor browser, read about the security issues it comes with.
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    پیارےیوتھیو،میری ویڈیوتو ڈیلیٹ کرا نہیں سکے،الیکشن جلدی کرا لوگے؟عاشر عظیم

    Yra jo b h, gaaalian dena ni banti. Baqi I dont support Ashir Azeem for his terrible vlog.
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    Army Reforms by Haider Mehdi

    Guys, my humble request is to avoid abusing any personnel and value add our input to the suggested reforms for the betterment of Army as an institution and Pakistan.
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    Army Reforms by Haider Mehdi

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    سابقہ اور موجودہ فوجی سربراہان کی تقرری پر تفصیلی تجزیہ

    Senior most qualification isnt enough IMHO, but there should also be other parameters, better to be settled with involving people from the military with other non-uniform experts. Wish IK when coming to power, settle it once and for all.
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    Imran Khan's Interview with Financial Times which Stirred Controversy

    well, IK already has registered his point on US abt regime change. So this change in the way forward is the best way forward.
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    آرمی چیف تبدیل کرنے سے فوج بدلے گی؟ پاک فوج کو کس چیز نے تباہ کیا؟

    Army is a very disciplined institution, even then every institution needs reforms over the period of time.