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    عمران خان نے ہمیں بہت ڈیمیج کیا ہے،یہ کس نے کہا؟

    if they are really Qadianis then there is a need to start the anti qadiani movement ASAP.
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    تھرپارکر:حاملہ خاتون کاغلط آپریشن :عملے نے بچے کا سرکاٹ دیا

    Ohhhhhhh. Cant expect any good news from Purana Pakistan. May Allah shower His Mercy on the mother who went through this perhaps most tragic incident of his life. O Allah please help us get rid of the corrupt leaders. Aameen
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    کیا ہم انصافی اس کے کانے ہیں جو اتنی خاموشی چھائی ہوئی ہے ؟

    We PTI supporters give it a damn!!! If guilty, hang her as we don't care. But u guys simply want to run a media campaign to try and damage IK which we will never become part of.
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    این اے 240 کراچی: ووٹر ٹرن آؤٹ نہ ہونے کے برابر

    And then in pakistan every group will define its own Minhaj e Rasool. Unfortunately we, the herd of 220 m people are not going to go anywhere until we have traitors at the highest levels of all the institutions.
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    جنرل باجوہ کون ہے؟ کورس میٹ کے انکشافات

    How can i check where my vote is?
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    This man should be given a ministry under PTI to fix the Rogue Army.

    Agreed. Not only that, Faiz Essa unjustly favored Shareef Family in Hudaibia case which is termed as the mother of all money laundering cases.
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    شہباز شریف نے ہاتھ کھڑے کردیے,پاکستان ڈوب رہا ہے ذمہ دار کون؟

    IK ne in sabb ki tangain utha di hain uss ne hath khud hi utha liye...
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    حکومت جانے کے بعد مقتدرحلقوں نے شوکت ترین کو کیوں بلایا؟شوکت ترین کاانکشاف

    I am happy that Shaukat Tareen took a strong position. Otherwise i always thought that he is also an Establishment guy.
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    The Romance is Over

    Same here. Thank you IK for exposing them otherwise my generations would also waste their lives in this delusional romance. Until just a few month ago my son, who is studying in EME NUST, was thinking of joining army. And now he hates them. He spent the whole night, when IK was ousted, on the...
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    الحاج جناب نیوٹرل امریکوی

    بڑی عمر کی کھوتی۔۔۔۔ 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
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    Our Reputation in Turkey is threatened by our illiterate fellow Pakistanis

    Simple solution: Keep patwaris in pakistan.
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    Imran Khan is ready to severely demolish Neutrals' credibility.

    Dear, but the situation is different here. IK can never go against the state institutions and unfortunately two of the most important institutions I.e. army and judiciary are compromised. Hence it will be difficult for IK to teach them a lesson. May Allah help IK and Pakistan.
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    سینیر پٹواری لفافوں نے کل پی ٹی آئی مارچ کی غلط رپورٹنگ کی: ڈان نیوز

    These dastards can go to any level for their own vested interests. They do not have Amy empathy for people or the country. اللهم إنا نجعلك في نحورهم ونعوذبك من شرورهم.
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    سینیر پٹواری لفافوں نے کل پی ٹی آئی مارچ کی غلط رپورٹنگ کی: ڈان نیوز

    It might have been planned by Nani420 and hence they reported without knowing whether the plan was successfully executed or not. Lolz