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    وزیراعظم کے فوکل پرسن فہدہارون کوجنسی ہراسانی کےمقدمےمیں کی سزا

    Regardless of who is in power, unfortunately in Pakistan there is no easy life for vulnerable women, children and even animals and plants. We claim to be champion of Islam but the way we treat our women is just pathetic.
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    Raw fail Pilots or Truck Drivers 🤣 never underestimate your enemy, they are begging americans to sell them predators as well, Pak must be ready
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    Raw fail Pilots or Truck Drivers 🤣

    They look like technicians and not fighter pilots Rafael is not a good sign for pak
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    مروں گا یا ماروں گا لیکن کنڈا نہیں اتارنے دوں گا ۔ کراچی کا شہری

    I feel for Sindh, shouldn’t have been flooded with low skill Pathans, there are just too many now, wherever er they go in huge numbers, crime increases, they take their shuttle cock burka culture, honour killing and drugs smuggling and literally with them along with aggressive and non tolerant...
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    ہوشربا کرپشن کے انکشافات

    papa John????? Are you sure ? 60% share of this pizza chain will be a humongous amount, I don’t think it’s possible but can you tell a little more ?
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    Anyone from overseas trades in PSX?

    You will have to open an account with a broker, rest will be taken care of. You won’t have to be physically present. I have heard AKD securities is the best and they have an app as well. Check them out.
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    CJ Athar Minallah orders CDA to seal Pakistan Navy’s commercial building

    Nave has encroached upon huge green belt on Margalla road in the name of security when there isn’t a need any more Airforce also has made huge ugly commercial buildings of marriage hall and what not right on margalla road.
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    Imran Khan Declared As A Global Leader | Cabinet Meeting Inside Story

    dont know what is in the video but if he declared global leader then its good for pakistan, now he imran khan will handle global matters meaning there will be someone new managing pakistan affairs
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    Overseas Pakistani's کھولا تضاد

    No issues with overseas Pakistanis as we all are the same but the issue is Imran Khan’s own statements and overseas Pakistanis taking oath of loyalty to foreign governments
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    Rare statue of Buddha emerges in Mardan

    Is it true that this was broken by idiots in the name of religion ?
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    وزیر اعظم عمران خان کا ایک بار پھر وزیر اعلی عثمان بزدار پر اعتماد کا اظہار

    If ik keeps believing that he is the pm because of that roohani taqat the Hamara Allah he hafiz
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    Professor Hoodbhoy responds to Haroon Rasheed's slander against him

    traitor? may i know how is he a traitor?