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    راوی اربن ڈویلپمنٹ منصوبہ کالعدم قرار دینے کا فیصلہ معطل

    So patwaris did it again... Ate mithaee before knowing.The truth... .in a hurry...
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    بابا سویٹس شاہ

    Kashmiri is a race, brother.
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    Peshawar’s cardiac hospital nominated for ISO 9001 Certificate

    MashaAllah, SubhanaAllah, Alhamdullilah. The hard work of PM Imran Khan is finally bearing fruits, Fv years back who would have thought this about Peshawar. When it was center of Chaos. InshAllah the rest of the country will follow suit..
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    بابا سویٹس شاہ

    Now this is hight of bay this tapar shah is hugging females..
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    بابا سویٹس شاہ

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    کردارکشی کا الزام لگانے پر شہبازگل اور اےآروائی صحافی کاعاصمہ شیرازی کوجواب

    Limit to sarkari hajan was fine, But adding swearing words to the word hajan is highly inappropriate.. My request to brothers, please be careful.
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    بابا سویٹس شاہ

    Dear brother, stop being racist, please
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    The Fallacy of "Don't Judge" in Islam

    Same thing is Said..
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    The Fallacy of "Don't Judge" in Islam

    You Guess..
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    The Fallacy of "Don't Judge" in Islam

    Why you care what the western mullah says about him, as you do not follow them nor accepting them reliable. Secondly, do you even know his qualifications, or talking for sake of talking..
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    سارہ گِل نے پہلی پاکستانی خواجہ سرا ڈاکٹر ہونے کا اعزاز اپنے نام کر لیا

    It's really good for her, to have a respectful profession, may Allah guide her and protect her from Haram. Ameen. I have a question, is she a female khwaja sira ? 🤔
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    Hate Preachers Caught Lying against Quran..

    jazakaAllah brother...
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    The Fallacy of "Don't Judge" in Islam

    MashaAllah brother, Though it's for brother Jani, But I would like to comment to clear something, Please watch the clip it's regarding moral judgement, .. For example, someone might be doing something very shame full...but expecting you to respect them.. and do not think bd of them.
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    The Fallacy of "Don't Judge" in Islam

    What Are you talking about bro, You can't judge someone's intensions, but you can do it by seeing their actions,