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    Who’s agenda Hamid Mir (Jaffar) is promoting???

    Its jewish prime minister Natanyaho's agenda. You can easily link his statements timings with israel's pm statement. All is going in parallel.
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    نواز شریف اور بیٹی کی فلسطین پر خاموشی کی وجہ بیرون ملک اربوں کی جائیدادیں

    And history will be written as " Yahoodi lobby stand with people of Palestine as Iron Brothers" Yahood Lobby said " We are and will be for the people of Palestine ". Yahoodi lobby PM said " we will go any limits for people of Palestine " Molana diesel and Nawaz Khanzeer saying others as "...
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    PM Imran Khan received a telephone call from Turkish President Erdoğan

    Only thing is no action from muslim countries. Muslims countries can at least provide weapons to Palentinians. one one score will bring israel to its knees.
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    بغض عمران بی بی سی اردو تک پہنچ گیا

    This is not new. BBC is doing propaganda against this Government from day one. You can simply understand that all anti PTI Government journalists such as Assma Sherazi is on BBC Payroll.
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    الیکٹرانک ووٹنگ سسٹم کی بڑی قیمت، 300 ارب روپے سے زائد لاگت آئے گی

    But after that if someone claims for rigging, we can simply say "Shut up" Not a big price to pay. In any case, election commission is taking billions in pre-printed balloting as well.
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    System is Collapsing NOT Imran Khan

    All of us are talking about many things and always complaining. But no one discusses the solutions. We are only supposed to discuss solutions. One real problem in our Government sector is undue job security. This thing has destroyed the delivery system in Pakistan. Just take example of last...
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    بیلٹ پیپر اور الیکٹرانک ووٹنگ دونوں ساتھ میں استعمال کرنے کی تجویز ہے-صدر

    Mr. President, correct your words, electronic voting supported by the printed ballot evidence.
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    To all Foreign Diplomats of Pakistan

    To all those, who think PM demands were not right and inappropriate, please resign if you can't deliver and serve. Pakistan problem is undue job security. Job security should be for a certain period but job security till age 60 and pension till death have made our government employees as...
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    عمران خان نے سفیر مافیا بھی بے نقاب کر دیا

    Pakistan Ambassador do not have basic sense to be a diplomat and officers also do not have basic sense of dealing and responsibility. (They treat people as treated in Pakistan. In Pakistan, grade 18/19 officers instruct security guards to handle and control people whereas its not the job of...
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    Electronic Voting Machines: Good In Theory, Nightmare In Practice

    My friend, US and our voting process is different. US is using digital voting and they have presidential system and vote casted in whole country goes to one party and one candidate not like parliamentary system. Whereas in our system, each polling station will have a different machine for each...
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    Electronic Voting Machines: Good In Theory, Nightmare In Practice

    All column is irrelevant. At first, Government did not proposed internet voting. For voting in Pakistan, electronic voting is proposed which will solve many issues such as counting, verification and authentication. No one should have any issue on this. People opposing have vested interests for...
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    سفارتخانوں کا نو آبادیاتی دور والا رویہ قابلِ قبول نہیں"۔وزیراعظم عمران خان

    PM is right. Also we need to train our ambassadors. They do not portray a positive picture of Pakistan. They always have to show positive attitude and always speak positive, no matter what. We are also disappointed from bureaucracy and judiciary in Pakistan but we always have to be positive. We...
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    الیکٹرانک ووٹنگ: میں انجینئر ہوں،ٹیکنالوجی کو سمجھتا ہوں " احسن اقبال

    Aur yeh Engineer hai aur samjhta hai to is tarah chawalain Marta. . . . Ha ha ha. . .
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    Countries with Electronic Voting System...

    If machine has the record of vote printed against bar code and printed votes are available, then it's not possible. Legal votes can be easily verified through bar code. Also machines should be designed in a way that if someone tries to play with them, then it should not be possible. Same as we...