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    کیا صابر شاکر کو آف ایئر کر دیا گیا ہے؟ سوشل میڈیا سوال اٹھنے لگے

    Yeah Sabir Shakir tou ho hi jaye off-air. Bekaar banda hay, fouj ka tout hay
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    شہباززرداری حکومت قوم سے معافی مانگے اور الیکشن کا اعلان کرے، کامران خان

    The question was not inappropriate, your calling names was inappropriate, so please take it as a response to what you you said and use only Gan from ganja. Coming to your point about Kamran Khan and PTI supporters, it is the same which all supporters do, noon and PP also do the same, they take...
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    شہباززرداری حکومت قوم سے معافی مانگے اور الیکشن کا اعلان کرے، کامران خان

    Do you support Ganja (NS/SS)? Because if Imran supporters are Imrandos, then Ganja supporters would be what?
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    جلدی الیکشن کروانے کیلئے ن لیگ نے نوازشریف کے حوالے سے کیا شرط رکھی؟

    Wesay karnay dayn wo NS ko jalsay, kiya farq parta hay, ulta PTI ko aik aur point miljaega k ji dekho convicted person ko govt au establishment nay azaad kardya hay
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    ہمارے پاس دو ہی آپشنز تھے،عدم اعتماد کا ساتھ دیتے یا مخالفت کرتے،خالدمقبول

    Sirf MQM hi nhi, yeah jitnay Inida say mohajir bun k aaye hayn, taqreeban sab hi aisay hayn, ghatya soch, kameengi bhari hoi aur hamesha sazishi...
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    عمران خان کی مخالفت کرنے کی وجہ سے میرے ساتھ یہ سب کچھ ہوا : عامر لیاقت

    Yeah BC abhi bhi drama kar raha hay, trying to play the victim card. Likhwa lo, yeah 2,4 hafton baad dobara yehi kuch krreha hoga.
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    O Generals, Provide Security to Imran Khan for Your Own Safety

    Good yar, he is right, this fouj has been causing issues since 75 years and are only serving goals for their masters, by not allowing Pakistan to develop and wining its own por civilians again and again
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    Ahmed Quraishi, the LIAR!!

    This guy is a pure Fouji tattoo, might be number one in that long list of tattoos , so one can imagine on whose call he is spreading such BS. And I mentioned it many a times that fouj will launch TLP, JUIF sooner or later and IK/PTI should not wait as it will only hurt them. In this game, time...
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    اگر مجھے کچھ ہو جائے تو "قوم" مجھے انصاف دلوانا، عمران خان

    Suna hay aj Fouj ki banai hoi PSP nay bhi jalsa kyia hay Karachi mayn
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    اگر مجھے کچھ ہو جائے تو "قوم" مجھے انصاف دلوانا، عمران خان

    Good to think like that, but I am sorry to tell you that this won't happen. Either fouj will make sure that PTi does not win enough seats to make govt or they will eliminate IK and then give govt to PTI, as they did with PPP after killing Benazir. One last win-win option can be to create rift...
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    PML N Jalsi in Gujrat

    It was on dunya news, but I guess now the jalsa is ended already.
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    میں عمران خان کی تقریر بڑی مصیبت سے سنتی ہوں،مریم نواز

    DJ Wali Son ki achi mouj lagi hoi hay, chahay PTI ka jalsa ho ya noon, ppp jui etc ka, har taraf inka hi sound system laga howa hay
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    PML N Jalsi in Gujrat

    To be honest, their Jalsa is also good, Noon has gathered a good crowd with same charge and style as PTI jalsas. Just watched it on Youtube to compare.
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    عمران خان کے قتل کی سازش کا سن کر پی ٹی آئی خواتین رونے لگیں

    PTI and IK losing time with every passing day, they should move to Islamabad as soon as possible and name fouj directly for what they did. With heat wave coming in next weeks and also the govt plus fouj strengthening their hold on things, PTI is making it tough for their demands to be met or to...
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    ن لیگ کے پاس 2 آپشنز ، تیل کی قیمت میں اضافہ یا قومی اسمبلی تحلیل

    Fouj nay inko Fiaz Hameed dikha k kaam tou nikalwa liya hay lakin ab khul k inki himayat nhi kar parehi, awam mayn ghussa hay aur fouj ko pata hay, issi liye waiting game khel rehay hayn. Doosri taraf IK aur PTI jitna delay krayn gay, utna maamla fouj k haq mayn jayega aur wo phir iss govt ko...