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    Funny And Interesting Video Clips Thread + Jokes and Funny SMS

    Re: ........پشاور کی چلتی پھرتی سونے کی 'کان After completing his Intermediate, the 21-year-old quit his education and now reluctantly helps out his father with the family's lucrative marble business but envisions opening up a gold jewellery venture which would enable him to pursue his...
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    Apply To Canadian University In 4 Simple Steps

    if one qualify for Quebec Residency Status, he pays one third of international student fee Quebec resident tuition status Apply and qualify as a Quebec resident Quebec residents pay a lower tuition rate at Quebec Universities than other Canadian or international students. To pay Quebec...
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    اپنی تصویر پوسٹ کریں
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    نجومی کے پاس جانے کی سزا

    (Fatwa: 125/125/M=1432) According to Shariah, it is prohibited to inform people about their fate and missing things through palmistry. It is null to believe and trust the words of diviner and palmist. It is narrated in a hadith: He who visits a diviner (Arraf) and asks him about anything, his...
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    اخلاقیات کا جنازہ

    thread ki samjh nahin aaye ... ya to janab apney facebook page ki publicity kur rahe hain ya apni zehni pasti ki ...
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    Altaf Hussain demands referendum over Rangers policing powers extension

    London police ki karwaye k khilaf bhe referendum kur leen ya un ki kaaf hia?
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    PPP & MQM united against Rangers presence in Karachi, against to extend their stay after 15th July 2

    Sab deshatgardon aur un k sathiyon (qalandri,mehwish_ali) ny sukoon ka sans leya
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    Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri Demands To Completely Eliminate MQM From Pakistan
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    بے خطر کود پڑا آتش نمرود میں عشق

    200 security guards k sath bekhatur....
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    MQM should elect new leadership to save its party :- Khawaja Asif

    aur Altaf k baad sirf Rajinder Khanna ....
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    The way govt responded to Axact issue, MQM must be treated in the same way :- Imran Khan pe post kurney k bhe RAW paisey deti hai?
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    BBC report - Altaf Hussain to address MQM workers today

    kaash Altaf bhai ilaan kur deen k BBC ka reporter buhat jald "tha" hojayage magar nahin bhai ka zor chalta hai sirf pakistanion pe