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    پہلی پھکی تنخواہ دار طبقے کے لئے - دل کے دورے پر ٹیکس

    Raja Chawal, tumhain iss say kia farq para hay? Have you started earning Halal Rozi?
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    امریکہ کا چین کے بیلٹ اینڈ روڈ پروجیکٹ کا متبادل لانے کا منصوبہ

    From destroying the world to building the world, quite a change. China has a lot of cash vs U.S. has a lot of debt. It’s not hard to imagine the outcome. However, if this can stop wars it would be quite useful. Imagine, getting Israel involved in building the world 😂. Hilarious
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    NA Passes Laws On Electoral Reforms, Including Senate Elections Open Ballot

    Are you a constitutional expert? How is the way senators vote a constitutional matter?
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    سابقہ ن لیگ حکومت مزید 20 ہزار میگاواٹ کے معاہدے کرکے بوجھ ڈال گئی

    The government can’t change the IPPs contracts but they can heavily tax them and get all or some of the money back. I wonder why they don’t?
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    سپریم کورٹ: شریف خاندان اپنے ہی جال میں پھنس گیا ،عدیل وڑائچ

    These courts, including the Supreme Court, are the biggest drag on Pakistan. We need to solve this problem to progress.
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    خان کا ایکشن، عائشہ کو انصاف مل گیا، عارف حمید بھٹی

    This “Senior sahafi” can’t even speak proper Urdu 😂.
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    پولیس کا نذیرچوہان کو گرفتار کرنے سے انکار

    This guy sounds “jhootha” and shameless.
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    مسجد القصیٰ کو آگ لگا دی گئی

    Muslim countries can at least do two things: 1: Stop Israel from using their air space. 2: Apply a trade embargo on the terrorist country.
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    Email- Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan

    My email was blocked. My subject was “Shame on You”.
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    کیا حکومت توہینِ عدالت کی مرتکب ہو رہی ہے؟

    This is not a legitimate judiciary. These judges should be hanged.
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    SC orders govt to determine price of oxygen cylinders within 2 days...

    How the hell these crooks can “order” anything they like. What’s their jurisdiction? They act like they are the king.