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    Thousands of PTI workers are ready to carry out ‘suicide attacks’

    Why should IK be hurt? Why shouldn’t there be a revenge?
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    بیرسٹر حسان نیازی عمران خان کے فوکل پرسن برائے قانونی امور مقرر

    Khan is terrible when it comes to trusting other people. This guy is the son of a snake. This is the mistake at the level of Reham Khan marriage.
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    Plan for 2028 elections as we will win 2023, Nawaz to his Loyalist.

    They all sold out bastards. Remember, they are trained in the U.S.
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    Shireen Mazari was asked to appear at ISI headquarters

    This Pak Fouj, the establishment part, has a zero credibility left among the people of Pakistan.
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    صبح نو کی تمنا

    Yeah, just call him a traitor and wish hell for him.
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    The Age Of Imran Khan

    You mean he insulted a bitch? That’s bad. Please accept my apologies.
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    عوامی غصہ ٹھنڈا کر نے کی کوشش

    To move forward we will need to: 1.Replace the current judiciary 2. Stop our military training in the U.S. 3. Fire the army chief right away if he meets foreign diplomats
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    نگراں وزیراعظم کیلئےمعیشت دانوں کےانٹرویو ہورہے ہیں،ادارےباخبر ہیں:شیخ رشید

    If Sheikh Rasheed wants to be a spokesperson of the military establishment, IK should keep distance from him and don’t share with him important information. He’s most likely the establishment agent.
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    صدارتی ریفرنس:سپریم کورٹ نےمنحرف ارکان سے متعلق آرٹیکل 63 اے کافیصلہ سنادیا

    IK and PTI should never say that they trust these harami judges. Until PTI gets a 2/3 majority and removes all these crooked judges, we shouldn’t show any trust in all the harami partners in crime.
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    سیاسی جماعتیں اور ادارے عمران خان کا قلع قمع کرنا چاہتے ہیں۔ رانا ثنا اللہ

    I think 10-15 people from Faisal Abad should surround his house and give him some feedback.
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    شہباززرداری حکومت قوم سے معافی مانگے اور الیکشن کا اعلان کرے، کامران خان

    If once in a year, a “khota” like you says something right how should we react, for example?
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    کراچی ایم اے جناح روڈ پر میمن مسجد کے قریب دھماکہ،متعدد افراد زخمی

    And he will runaway to the U.S. to collect his prize money after accomplishing his mission.
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    MLN wants a guaranty from MILITARY leadership. Neutrality at test.

    It’s clear enough to most people. We don’t need anymore evidence of neutrality crap.
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    عمران خان نے پٹرول کی قیمت کم کرکے عوام سے دھوکہ کیا،احسن اقبال

    Salute to these anchors who invite losers on their shows and ask their opinions. What a crap.