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    موروثی سیاست کے سوال پہ بلاول سی این این صحافی کے ہاتھوں بولڈ

    That argument wouldnt work either, because both senior and junior bushes won the nomination through elections within republican party, they werent the default option, and both retired from the politics once their presidential terms ended. Humaray haan to marnay ka intezar kerna parta hay...
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    Taliban orders girls' high schools to remain closed

    I really thought they had evolved some how, but this is complete retardation. They are illiterate assholes, and same goes to the people who defend this decision. Phir boltay hain kay west main musalmanon ko bura kion kaha jata hay. OIC has on its charter goals on women empowerment and...
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    روس کا غیر دوست ممالک کو اپنی کرنسی میں گیس فروخت کرنے کا فیصلہ

    Is per ek kahawat yaad ayee.. "بڑا کدو پر تیر مار لیا، واہ" Current importers of Russian gas are contemplating ban on it, and this will just make their decision easier. Putin is making one disastrous decision after another. Russian Rubble and its economy is in downfall, similar to situation...
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    Modi favored Indian media praising Imran Khan

    Neither Pakistan nor India is isolated right now. Yes Pakistan foreign policy is better than previous govt, but compared to India its still not upto mark. Take current Ukraine crisis for example, India has remained neutral, and most importantly silent, thus have not antagonized the Western...
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    Modi favored Indian media praising Imran Khan

    He is not wrong, Indias international diplomacy and foreign policy has been really good and effective as compared to Pakistans. Leave alone the fact that between 2008 and 2018, Pakistan literally had dormant foreign office and foreign policy.
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    باپ نے کے پی میں تحریک انصاف سے اتحاد توڑ لیا

    yeh baat to sahi hay, but why make a promise in the first place, when you know you cant keep it???
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    حامد میر کی جیو نیوز پر واپسی کس شرط پر ہوئی؟معافی مانگ لی؟

    Its really a big concern, that people trust a information coming from a journalist, who works on a TV channel, has his own show there, has his own youtube channel, where he give his views on International news and diplomacy (which he gets in English off course), but doesnt even know how to spell...
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    PM should not have reacted publicly against EU, says Finance Ministe Tarin

    Their open letter recieved publicity because of IKs public reaction. khamoshi say jawab day deta, msg bhi chala jata or falto ka issue bhi nahi banta. Secondly IK is complaining why India is not asked publicly, why just us. Well the reason for that is Pakistani govt is regularly issuing public...
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    Russian tourist Girl harassed and abused in Pakistan

    Nopes, we ONLY SUPPORT HER because she is a white foriegnor and she should have her rights. For our local women, this would be a case of "dekh lia, aurat march ka anjaam" "dekh lia fahashi phelanay ka anjam" "r**di hogi tabhi itni raat ko bahar nikli thee" "aisee ga**tion kay saath aisa hee...
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    Nazis in ukraine and western role!

    Yes, they warned about this, but they dont absolve Russia!. Its same as saying that the law enforcement agencies are responsible for mobile snatching and thefts in Karachi. Which does not imply that the Thieves and dacoits are morally/ethically good people and should be supported against the...
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    The actual reason for the current political activity.

    Thank you :) Ahsaan zindagi bhar yaad rakhunga 😁
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    The actual reason for the current political activity.

    Awaeen nahi celebrations main unlogon nay yeh teen flags saath lagayay thay, Israel or Pakistan donon kee military nay support kia thaa Azerbaijan ko. baqi aqal mand kay liay ishara hee kaafi hay. Pakistan kay pass koi aisee diplomatic power nahi hay pichlay 10 saalon say jis ka Azerbaijan ko...
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    The actual reason for the current political activity.

    Ooh maaf kerdo bhai!! abhi ek saal pehlay Pakistan, Israel (or Turkey) kay saath mil ker Azerbaijan kee help ker raha thaa, Armenia kay khilaaf jis ka partner yahi russia tha... udher international alignment Farz thee, ab Ukraine kay mamlay main nahi hay? Agar align nahi bhi kerna to beech kee...