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    اور کوئی خدمت جناب؟ اسد عمر کا مرتضیٰ وہاب کے طنزیہ سوال پر جواب

    Damn... Swag hay bhai Asad Umer ka.. itni tameez say lee hay 😀😂
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    First lady out in public today-Is this linked to what's happening in Afgh?

    Thats why I stopped posting new threads here, some moderators merge thread that are not remotely linked to each other..
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    First lady out in public today-Is this linked to what's happening in Afgh?

    Shroo khud kerkay dosron ko galian ??? Munnay kitnay saal kay ho ?? Jab shanakhti card ban jayay tab ana online forums per
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    Pakistan Started Exporting Made In Pk Mobile Phones, Instead Of Importing

    You do know that "started" is past tense of the verb "start" right ?? your title translates as پاکستان نے ۶ محینوں کے اندر میڈ ین پاکستان موبائل فونس کی برامد شروع کر دی
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    فیک نیوز پر پابندی کیوں ضروری ہے - ایک اور وجہ

    who decides whats fake news?? Also fake news koi nayee cheez nahi hay. kia shaam kay akhbar hamesha say nahi chaptay rahay ??
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    Ex Afghan minister now delivers pizza in Germany

    Salute hay is banday ko ! This is what an honest politician looks like. By the way, no body praised when Haider Abbas Rizvi was working as Uber driver in Canada.
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    These Are The People You Are Celebrating

    The main threat was Indian threat, and the second thing was the refusal to accept Durrand line, which the Talibans have historically accepted.
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    These Are The People You Are Celebrating

    Its the case of choosing lesser evil. The Afghan govt was also involved in killing, and TTP was actually backed by Afghan govt. Taliban coming into power atleast for us makes sure that out western border is secure.
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    America got Talent: Why Pakistani's are not Showing any Talent Programmes?

    This reminds me of Orya Maqbool Jans cringy observations on TV advertisement on women cricket. Which only showed how tharki he is and how dirty his mind is. His comments on national tv where close to verbal masturbation, the only thing missing was that his hand were not down in his shalwar when...
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    America got Talent: Why Pakistani's are not Showing any Talent Programmes?

    We dont give any value to performing arts, only our upper class take it seriously. If you look at shows like AGT BGT and others lot of the contestants are middle class and lower middle class people. Secondly our media industry is pathetic. Starting from Pemra and Phupy type farigh journalists...
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    پنجاب بھر میں لازمی قرآن ٹیچنگ بل لاگو کردیا گیا، چودھری پرویز الہی

    pandering to emotions only, kaam kisi ko kerna nahi kuch to yahi kerlain. Who is going to teach Quran ?? 99% of our people in our religious sector dont study Quran themselves, they Only study their the books of their school of thought. Who will teach then ??
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    I am Speechless on this Henious Crime; Do You have Words?

    away ka awa hee bigra hoa hay bhaijan !! Judicial decisions are always motivated by powers or emotions, theres nothing legal about it. Since I am from Karachi I can give two examples, Supreme court ordered clearing up of encroachments from Karachi. Sindh govt started cancelling land leases as...
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    Tourists are openly Looted in Swat -

    its still happening and to some extent it has increased. blaming everything on MQM is what kept Altaf Hussain on top for 20 years. Being a Karachhite, I can easily tell the political affiliation (if any ) of the robbers. I have been robbed 6 times. 5 out of those 6 robberies were committed by...
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    Kleptocracy is on Full Display at PTV!!!

    The purpose of news is to inform its viewers, not keeping them glued. The TRP is never achieved by proper news. TRP is only achieved by sensationalizing content and making news where there is none, and thats what our media is doing, showing exxagerated and sensationalized stories, while ignoring...
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    ارشد ندیم و نیرج چوپڑا کے درمیان فرق کیا؟

    what if I told you its possible to fund athletes of more than 1 sports at a time?? 1 kursi wali Musical chair nahi hay kay jo is per beth gaya us hee ko support keraingay.