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    سیکولر لبرل عرب اور عربی سمجھنے بولنے والے پاکستانی

    Knowing more than one language makes kids smarter, first I was thinking to let my kids learn Chinese, but now I think the only additional language they need to know is computer language!!this should be must for kids! So I abondaned Chinese! I think understanding Arabic can be really...
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    حامد میر اور مطیع اللہ جان کو کسی کا باپ بھی نہیں روک سکتا :علی احمد کرد

    Mati ullah jan or Hamid Mir ny kia ker lena hy!! Bilawaja ka drama!! Ye dono tu fraud hein!!
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    کسی کو چور ڈاکو کہیں تو مطلب یہ نہیں کہ ماں بہن کی گالی دیں : شہریار آفریدی

    When you quote my message , I have to read your message, so either avoid using abrasive language or avoid quoting my message!!
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    A very good programme by Zara hut k team

    Brave journalism!
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    کتنی نئی یونیورسٹیز اور ڈیم بنے؟ شہباز شریف اور اسپیکر میں مکالمہ

    Shahbaz sharif is 1000 times better than Maryum Nawaz and Nawaz sharif!!
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    Dr Shahid Massod said that PMLN wanted to bring Amendments against Army.

    Her baat per army army ki gardan nahi chal sakti, pmln ka koi vision tha hi nai, na IT , na industry , na tourism!! They led Pakistan in FATF grey list!
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    ووٹرو دادا جان کو عزت دو

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    پاکستان کیلئے کسی کے بھی گھٹنے پکڑنے کو تیار ہوں، شہباز شریف

    Why can’t he just call Nawaz sharif!!! Ye kia joke hy!!
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    مدارس کے تعلیمی نصاب میں میں فوری اصلاحات کی ضرورت

    Now that is not true, they don’t allow audit!! Most of these are not built in authorized places!! They say they are above law! Why and how can you defend them!
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    مدارس کے تعلیمی نصاب میں میں فوری اصلاحات کی ضرورت

    Madrasas should be open to everyone, God knows what is going on there!! Women teachers should teach very young kids!! Presence of women in premises can make things much better!! People who are trying to still defend madrasa Are also responsible for this toxic atmosphere !! Officials should...
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    بنوریہ ٹاون کے مہتمم اعلی کی شرمناک زندگی

    There is absolutely no doubt in this!! When my kids started Qurani qaeda, one of my Neighbour Aunti, told me that in no situation I should leave my kids alone with qari saab , then she told me about various incidents she had knowledge of ,well that scared me so much that I got online teacher for...
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    بنوریہ ٹاون کے مہتمم اعلی کی شرمناک زندگی

    By mixing fact and fiction , all you are doing is following some agenda, knowingly or unknowingly.why nothing is said about fazlu , even though it’s his madrasa whose stories are revolving around!! I am not saying others are not involved! We all know most / many of these people are involved...