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    Khabarnaak 11th October 2014

    What non sense this idiot is. I regret that my college (GC Lahore) has also produced this type of duffers. Lafafa is really working.
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    PTI tigers. What can we do for the deceased of Multan Jalsa Incident???

    We are working on it gents. Within next few days we will set up something. Just need to get some feedback from Islamabad office. I am committing $1,000 a this point. Please stay tuned.
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    Perception vs Reality

    La'nat to lafafa journalist. If china got concession on export to Pakistan, then who is responsible for it. Jaidi you need to give up as your are trying to defend very week case.
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    پاکستان کی آخری امید

    Answer: That Maryam Nawaz will have ore gathering than PTI gatherings.
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    عمران منافق ہے ۔ سیلم صافی

    He proved today that he is a GATTAR KA KEERA. I cant believe that someone can go this low.
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    KPK - Platform for Overseas Pakistanis

    I think KPK government should issue interest free bonds of $1000 each. Overseas Pakistanis can by x numbers of bonds as per their will and financial capacity. KPK Govt. can use this fund at its will, but provide quarterly report of expenditures to all shareholders.
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    Two weeks ago I was denied UK's visa because I criticise Imran Khan - Moulana Fazal ur Rehman

    Fuzla did not get visa because he did not pay the hotel charges when he was in London few years ago.
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    Fauzia Kasuri to be guest speaker @ House of Commons - buck up mother of pti

    Re: buck up mother of pti Sick "Mother of PTI".
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    میاں محمود الرشید کے 20 سالہ فرزند کا انتقال

    Re: mian mehmood ur rasheed's son passed away So sad. May Allah bless his soul to rest in Jannah and bless his parents with patience. I met him three years ago with his father. He was very nice young man. My heart is full of sorrow.
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    Kal Tak - 5th August 2013 - Imran Khan Taking Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman To The Court.

    Although Chohan was aggressive, but he did a good job. I think this is the way to handle these type of mulla's.
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    Was Hamid Khan a good choice to defend Imran?

    I agreed. He was not a good choice.
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    Maujza in Faislabad

    Alhamdulillah, MashAllah
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    Any Canadian real estate agents on here? how much do you save on Power of sale or foreclosure house

    In realty you don't save anything. It is just a myth that you can save on power of sale houses. Few years ago you were able to save some money not anymore. If you still have not find realtor then call me at 416-908-1575. I will help you out.
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    Is it too good to be true?

    I don't see any improvement on the ground. May be in the files of Noora League.