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    ‏ سب پی ٹی آئی والوں کو اندر ڈالو تب ڈالر 100 تک آجائے گا۔ مائزہ حمید

    This brainless bitch has got no clue, the only thing that can bring the dollar down is continuous economy improvement and that take years. The market fluctuation is by speculators and currency traders who make money out of it. Dollar has gone back up 4 rupees.
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    Nation fight and sacrifice with army so why Army is holy cow?

    Totally agree with you, nobody should be above the law, in the constitution, It’s the State Islam And people of Pakistan. From history, people of Pakistan has fought on the front line, without getting any medals or perks.
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    Power hungry Bajwa is destabilizing the country, Haider Mehdi.

    I totally agree with him, regardless of how much development Ayub Khan did, he did suspend the constitution and had he been tried, and punished, nobody ever would have dared imposed martial law. The county belong to the people of Pakistan, no single individual who can be controlled via a phone...
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    شہباز گل کا بیان طے شدہ تھا،ثبوت ملے تو عمران کو بھی گرفتار کرینگے:رانا ثنا

    This bitch will keep on talking shit for as long as he is taking the generals dick
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    تحریک انصاف نئی ایم کیو ایم بننے جا رہی ہے

    Where did get that logic from, You mean PMLN, they already are
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    ان کمبختوں کو کس نے غداری کرنے کیلئے اکسایا تھا؟

    This is idiotic to think, if one person break the law, then should the other, PTI shouldn’t be arresting people just because PMLN crooks have arrested people unlawfully. This exactly what fucking Patwari do, We have to follow the law, and do the right thing, and When the time comes, according to...
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    شمالی وزیرستان: فوجی قافلے پر خودکش حملہ، 4 جوان شہید

    Thanks to some fucking stupid generals, Pakistan has been pushed into the age of darkness again. These people should be openly executed for treachery against Pakistan otherwise these people will continue to do this, because they see themselves above the law.
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    I was offered PM-ship,two days before the vote of no confidence-Asad

    Fucking neutrals, they go against everybody who stand for Pakistan
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    Pakistani military needs a deep reset

    It isn’t really Pakistan military, it’s a bunch of mercenaries working for the us, it’s whole structure needs to be totally re constructed. Currently there is no difference between the culture of our army and British Army, from no angle does ot look like the army of an Islamic republic, that...
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    عمران خان صرف تاحیات نااہل نہیں ہو گا بلکہ پھانسی چڑھے گا،جاوید لطیف

    Es jasey benchood ko aik din kisi showk me ulta latkaya jayega [/MEDIA]
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    بالکل جواب نہیں دوں گا، عمران خان غصے میں آگئے

    The guy isn’t asking a question, he is just being a dick. Imran Khan never walks away from answering questions.
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    بالکل جواب نہیں دوں گا، عمران خان غصے میں آگئے

    A brain like yours isn’t worth reasoning with