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    Cloud seeding a tool to counter drought

    The rapid deterioration of environment due to depletion in rain and consequently rise in temperatures has compelled mankind to look for effective and efficient solutions to counter this problem. India has taken great initiative based on the research and experiments carried out in UAE and other...
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    Our behaviour after ramzan

    Ramzan is over. We being a muslim strived to repent in front of Allah to forgive our sins and lead us to become a good muslim and a better human being. If we are able to resist the execution of sins such as telling lies,watching and listening immoral audio and video clips on YouTube,Facebook or...
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    شاہ محمود کیوں خاموش ہے؟

    NSC has endorsed this letter.
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    Pakistan needs to reevaluate its air defence missile systems

    The landing and crashing of an Indian missile on 9th March 2022 at mian chunnoo is a matter of grave concern for pakistan. It has invited series of unanswered questions and has ensued worries. In the wake of current volatile international scenario a missile being dropped mistakenly as admitted...
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    ایم سی سی نے کرکٹ قوانین میں کونسی نئی تبدیلیاں کردیں؟

    The review of rules is a good practice. It would certainly add towards a more competitive cricket with less violations and discipline.
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    Fate of nation lies within the ambit of fewer number of law makers.

    The current scenario of no confidence motion against PM has brought forward a picture of extreme distress and despair. It is the meagre difference of number of seats between ruling PTI and opposition which is 10 or less. These people could cause a breakup of present setup which may be...
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    Chinese company ready to invest $3b in Lahore project

    dear bhatti sahib i am posting a link of using a plastic lining method gaining popularity in India. kindly view this video and comment on its use in sindh and overall viability in Pakistan.
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    Chinese company ready to invest $3b in Lahore project

    dear readers i have inserted a media link on the topic RAIN WATER HARVESTING. this technique of using plastic in lining of water tanks is a highly beneficial approach. kindly view this video and comment on its viability and use in Pakistan.
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    An Ancient Tool Holds Promise for Modern Water Problems

    Excellent contribution. We lack in these approaches due to non-patronising attitude of our government. We are still dependent on tubewells,canals or water channelisation via rivers which are getting filled with silt rapidly. Areas such as gilgit baldistan, swat,potohar area where rainfall is...
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    rain water harvesting in pakistan

    Thar desert in Sindh and cholistan in punjab can be benefitted by the techniques adopted in Indian thar above mentioned link.
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    For those who think Karachi is dangerous!!!

    Undoubtedly Karachi has become dangerous. it is no more a safe place to live. how can we improve this situation. while a lot has been written on this subject but this problem need to be talked about more than the previously delivered opinions. the missing link between all this mess is sharing...
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    کیا دنیا میں پانی کی کمی نئی جنگوں کو جنم دے رہی ہے؟

    acute water shortage in many areas and regions of the world is a growing and highly susceptible problem which might lead to conflicts of unimaginable magnitude. i posted a article from for the readers and viewers to comment on this impending trouble. the recently concluded forum...
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    کیا دنیا میں پانی کی کمی نئی جنگوں کو جنم دے رہی ہے؟

    مختلف ممالک میں بڑے بڑے دریاؤں پر پانی ذخیرہ کرنے والے لاتعداد ڈیموں اور نہروں کی تعمیر کی وجہ سے اِن دریاؤں کے زیریں حصے پر واقع ملک پانی سے محروم ہو رہے ہیں، جس کی وجہ سے ان ملکوں میں جنگوں کے خطرات بڑھ رے ہیں۔ ایمسٹرڈیم میں اپنے فلیٹ سے زوم پر مجھ سے بات کرتے ہوئے علی الصدر نے پانی کا ایک...
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    rain water harvesting in pakistan

    readers and contributors may use following link to share their views.
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    rain water harvesting in pakistan Mangla dam construction