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    ایک نہیں دو ٹیکس فری فون والا پاکستان

    ajj kal students k pass b 2 phones hoty hain how can they imagine k overseas Pakistani k pass sirf ak phone ho ga
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    Sidhu in hot water again after bringing Pakistani ‘gift’ home

    jiss trh say chal raha hy he will CM of Indian Punjab very soon
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    Realme is coming soon to Pakistan

    pheali dafa name suna hy
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    All good in IK government. No cabinet changes.

    overseas Pakistani ko mobile per jo pabandi lagi hy vo khtm karni chiya
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    FIA arrested a man from Gujranwala for recording illicit videos of his wife

    awareness dayni ki zorrat hy asi recording crime hy
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    PML-N leader kills niece for 'honour'

    and his supporter said bht tarqee ho gi hy