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    ‏اگرمورل بنیادوں پر الیکشن ہوتا تو عمران خان کاوزیراعظم بننامشکل ہوتا - روف

    Is klasra only invited by channels to get rating because they expect response from people about his stupid, ill founded, ridiculous comments!!
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    اب وہ دور گزر گیا ہے جب عمران خان کے نام پر ووٹ پڑتا تھا : سلیم صافی

    No, Safi sahib that time is gone when corrupt like you used to affect people's opinions. The public has figured out likes of you, exactly like they have rejected PMLN and PPP. Every time you and you and your masters open their mouths, people see nothing but a bunch of clowns who protect their...
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    PTI losing in Pervaiz Khattak's City, who claims he is all N all in KPK

    Let it be a wake up call for PTI. Hopefully, they can learn from this and rearrange their strategy.
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    Maryam Ka Papa Chor Hai Best Welcome of Maryam Nawaz - Finest Chitrol ever

    Where was this? Hopefully, these people will get this welcome no matter which part of the world they go to. This besharam woman will be out again tomorrow claiming to have saved Pakistan!! Salam to all who showed her a mirror.
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    Video showing horse-trading during Senate elections in 2018 surfaces

    All of these idiots should not only be disqualified for life but criminal cases should be filed against them for severest punishments. IK has been saying this for over 2 decades that Pakistan's biggest problem is corruption.
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    Imran Khan Vs PDM

    Because he has only been there for 2.5 years and the mess has been there for the last 70+ years, it takes time. You have to acknowledge and appreciate the good work that he has done. Just because he hasn't done the specific thing that you want him to do doesn't mean that he has done nothing or...
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    Imran Khan Vs PDM

    I am surprised that you are not able to see 100's of projects that PTI government has initiated: Ahsass programme, Loans for young people, Ease of doing business, Reforms for farmers including giving them tractors etc, Reforms in education syllabus, Reforms in police, Reforms in bureaucracy...
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    پی ڈی ایم جلسے میں عمران خان زندہ باد کے نعرے(ویڈیو)

    Brave girls, well done. May Allah give courage to all young people in Pakistan.
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    کیپٹن (ر) صفدر قومی احتساب بیورو (نیب) کے چیئرمین کے گھر جا پہنچے

    What an idiot. These people think that by doing these kind of things they will be able to get away from accountability. On behalf of Imran Khan " NO NRO"
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    Does anyone know where this jahil molvi is from?

    Please do forward this video on other social media platforms, I really want to know where this molvi is from. I will file an FIR against him and bear the legal costs of having him punished. He can then be made an example of and hopefully, inshaAllah, lead to a legislation to ban this kind of...