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    آزادکشمیر الیکشن مہم: مریم نواز کی دبنگ انداز میں انٹری

    Just a few people around her car, I can't see many other people coming out to welcome her!?
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    آپکے سوال سے لگ رہا ہےآپ اپوزیشن لیڈر ہیں:شہباز گل اور اینکر شازیہ میں بحث

    Stupid parchi journalist, she probably doesn't understand what conclusive means.
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    طلعت لفافی کی پھٹ گئی

    The real point is that this idiot has been slandering Pakistan and ISI to the enemies. Shame on him.
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    اس بیچارے کی پٹوارنا سوچ بڑی پرانی ہے

    Shahid Afridi is as brainless about politics as he was on the cricket field!
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    Fayyaz Raja about a column by Hamid Mir on Kargil- 04/01/21

    May the laanat of Allah be upon the liars.
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    Why Muslim nurses take over a church in institute of mental health Lahore

    Disgusting behaviour by these jahil 'muslims'
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    نواز شریف دوبارہ سیاست شروع کرنے جا رہے ہیں، مریم نواز کی پریس کانفرنس

    Sure, he should come back to Pakistan first, face all the charges, expel his punishment and if he is still capable to stand then he is most welcome in politics to face further curses and humiliation from the Pakistani public. Looking forward to it !
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    Gruesome raw visuals from the COVID capital...

    Sometimes it's better to keep quiet then to give ignorant analysis, particularly when one has little or no knowledge of the subject. May Allah have mercy on all people who are suffering whether in Pakistan, India or any where else. May Allah make this virus go away. Ameen
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    A Pakistani groom beautifully recites Quran at his wedding

    MashaAllah. May Allah keep the couple together and may they find happiness and prosperity in their life together.
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    Is it really true about PMIK's son???

    I met Jemima and her sons a few years back. Jemima is very good in ensuring that her sons get the Islamic eduction and are familiar with their Islamic heritage. Jemima is a true gem, she is an honourable lady with very high morals, MashaAllah. She herself was doing a masters in an Islamic...
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    Najam sethi's December 2020 bongian

    As much as I can't stand this guy, it doesn't sound like him!!?
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    Nikah Ko Haram Bana Deni Wali Kharnak Rasme! || Adv. Faiz Syed

    What a load of nonsense he hasn't given any evidence at all. For these people anything that makes people happy they make it haraam.