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    یونیورسٹی کے نام پر غلط فہمی ہوگئی تھی:محمد مالک کا شہباز گل سے بحث پرموقف

    He use correct word. Nonsense Statement he gave without knowledge. And now Malik is saying he is wrong. Such a looser this guy. Keep saying batameez batameez etc...he is saying lie siting on live television. Such a shit hole guy MALIK is.
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    Sheikh Uthman vs LGBT supporter

    You don't know about Islam then why are you talking about it. If you leave Islam. You won't be getting killed, dear. If you are in Islamic State you leave Islam as your religion then no one kills you. Only if you do treason and destabilize the state matters or as per country law you will get...
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    Sheikh Uthman vs LGBT supporter

    Yes in one video with David wood ask this question and he answer which is given by sheikh Amhed deejay as well. If you leave Islam no one kill you as u r Murtad . But as per Islamic shariya or today countries law if you work with enemies to destabilize state then you will punish for treason. For...
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    Sheikh Uthman vs LGBT supporter

    Partial differences a side. He is doing good work. Minimum calling non Muslim towards one God and last messenger. Few days ago some one post his one video. And after that I watch his channel and almost all videos. In which on his booth he is talking with evidence to non Muslim on all sort of...
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    پہلے منی لانڈرنگ کااعتراف پھرانکار،FIAکا حریم شاہ کے خلاف ایک اور نوٹس

    Now what she done. All pakistani travelling abroad will be facing huge problem. Today no one thinking about the impact but in coming days you will see how badly pakistani will be treated on airports local and international.
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    وکلاء کی دھمکیاں،ہڑتالیں ناکام،عائشہ ملک سپریم کورٹ کی پہلی جج بن گئیں

    Lawyer strike boycott cause so big issue for the people who asking for the hearing. They spend money to get dates. How cry damaging this system is. Money money money.
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    نئے سال کی آمد پر فائرنگ،ماں باپ کااکلوتا بیٹا زندگی کی بازی ہار گیا

    Judicial system is the root. The public make all these system for betterment but as we can see due to bad diseases such as corruption napotisam waderanism fraudism rasicm and terrorism this country is ruined. The people public appointed for solving these issues is part and parcel of this.
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    نئے سال کی آمد پر فائرنگ،ماں باپ کااکلوتا بیٹا زندگی کی بازی ہار گیا

    If the parents and homeowner and police corporate. these rascals who take the law in their hands can be put to jail or high fines so that they never do it again. Come on please understand becoming Muslim is just not praying and accepting by mouth. you follow Islam which means protecting everyone...
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    HOT DEBATE Christian Debaters vs. Shaykh Uthman

    My advise is u should read quran under guidiance then you understand why muslim not saying its a shirk. Allah ki Zaat aur Allah kii Sift are two different things. out of 99 most of the sifat can be seen in a living being which means every person is GOD. I hope u understand the Surah Ikhlas which...
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    مولانا آ نہیں رہا مولانا آ گیا ہے

    People are going towards TLP and JUI. In Punjab TLP will chip in.
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    میڈیاورکر محمد فہیم کی خودکشی، معاملہ کیا ہے؟اہلیہ کےانکشافات

    It's painful news. How many daily die because of helpless situations. If it's sharia law he will get justice. And every one knows what the law says. Qazi will do justice and only justice.
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    سابق آرمی چیف،دیگر کے خلاف مقدمہ درج ہوا؟سپریم کورٹ کا اٹارنی جنرل سے سوال

    Karachi kaa haal Kisii village Sai BHI bura Rakha hoa hay. Unbelievable.
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    Absar Alam caught lying?

    Judge ney Haq per Faisal Dai diyaa..any one go in courts he think he will win but one has to loose. What a joker he is.
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    مودی کے جیالے مار کھانے کے بعد - ویڈیو

    Inn per Taras Mut khana. If you see what they did in Kashmir ur eyes will come out. Just check how he use living human body as a shield on the army jeep moving around whole city. They are terrorist which need more then that. The rape and torcher is an other story. With the bullets they blinded...
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    مودی کے جیالے مار کھانے کے بعد - ویڈیو

    They are using these tactics so that no one protest like they did in Kashmir. They created the environment of fair by these videos/event in the heart of public so that they not think about it. It's all tactics. This is called terrorism which create terror simple. Crush ur opposition with not...