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  • Nahin bro tang nahi aya bas zindagi thori si sakht aur masroof ho chuki hai warna tu apna virtual ghar hai aap jaisay qaabil e qadar doston ki wajah say. Apni duwaon main yaad rakheye gas hayed Allah Ta’alah kuch aasaneyan paida farma day.
    ASlam, though doves could not afford friendship of hawks, but I remember that...
    ایک ہی صف میں کھڑے ہو گے محمود و ایاز

    I was banned for one day. They tried to convince me to talk to them about my attitude towards Indians so I could return. I wrote to them 'My soul is not for sale. Keep me banned but I shall not deviate from my convictions'

    But actually I did enjoy time away from it. Got lot accomplished in one day. Then abbasi Ali stepped in reinstitaed me UNCONDITIONALLY. lol

    I thank you very much if you did play ANY role in bringing me back
    I wasnt offline at all. I am addicted to this. Its a lot better than any dating sites or yahoo chatrooms

    I have been loking for some on ewho can help me get some info on how to register my patriots but so far no success **** sigh ****
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