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    PTI govt okayed Rs1.1bn for two VVIP aircraft, reveal budget documents

    I would add, jamadari/istanjadari of amritsari kabrias. bhand dhari mersai pona for the amritsari's as well.
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    چلو فروغ نسیم نے بھی عمران خان کو جھوٹا قرار دے دیا

    jamadaron/istanjasaron ke new pitta ji. after aleem khan and jehangir treen.
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    کیا پاکستانی میڈیا امریکہ کو "معصوم"ثابت کرنیکی کوشش کررہا ہے؟

    watch hamid mir. that is a true poojari of mai baap amrika.
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    ایک سیاسی جماعت کو دوسری پر ترجیح نہیں دیتے: امریکہ

    basically the answer is just a generic all round goody goody answer!
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    ایک سیاسی جماعت کو دوسری پر ترجیح نہیں دیتے: امریکہ

    how many lies has this amrika told the world since the year 2000? one of the biggest one was the WMD's in I-rak!!
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    سب سے بڑی عالمی سازش بزدار کو وزيراعلی بنانا تھا ۔ چوہدری سرور

    ahh, noon leaky hone ka saboot de dia hai! ye noon lek party ke saath kia karta raha tha mazi mein? woh halal tha. agar iblees bhi noon leak mein ho to woh bhi maulana ka darja paye ga.
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    Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, Donald Lu

    i think you need to reassess things. its phand dari movement PDM thats acting like a petulant child after it got shafted. as for cocaine do you have any other proof than a book funded by noon leak party?
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    Pakistan top opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif speaks to Indian Republic TV

    I didnt hear shabaz speak on geo! I saw the tweet and posted it!! the tweet itself says "speaks to republic"