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    More than 50 killed in blasts near Kabul girl's school

    These were majority young kids 11 to 15 years old. Whoever is killing these innocent people should be killed slowly so these [email protected] suffer a slow and painful death. May Allah keep these filth of the earth in hell forever.
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    What big promise did ImranKhan fulfill? Why did opposition get in trouble?

    So Pakistan can benefit from the massive amount of remittances but these BS ECP and Judges does not want overseas to exercise their fundamental right of voting. Are we still living in a stone age. All countries allow their dual citizenship holders to vote so why Pakistan cannot allow. This BS...
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    Sad News not been Reported.. Was it Corna? Or No such thing as Corna Pmln

    Fever itself is not a disease. Fever is an indication / symptom that human body is fighting an infection and depending on what is causing the infection, that disease or condition can be fatal. Fever is one of the symptoms of COVID too so not sure if Mrs. Lohar contracted the virus and if she...
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    may God curse you Imran Niazi for importing British and Indian corona

    What a great logic by a great jiyala .... so they were sick on return from Pakistan which means they contracted virus when they were here. It is idiots like you who spread disinformation in the hatred of the PM as your chor leaders couldn't deliver what they promised. Shurm kur ley bhai ... ab...
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    ٹی ایل پی ورکرز کی مبینہ فائرنگ اور تشدد سے دو پولیس اہلکار وفات پا گئے

    TLP has been banned. Good riddance! All terrorist organizations should have no place in our society. The murderers should get exemplary punishments. Shame on those who were defending these thugs.
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    Imran Khan's Legacy

    raju bhai ... phele to copy paste karna phir apni post ko khud like karna aur phir phela comment bhi khud dena ... yeh sub pagalpun ki pukki nishaniyan hain. Aap ke to ausaan, hawaas, sub kuch hee khata ho gaya hai ... khairyat to hai. kaheen aap ke geedar leader ke plateletes such main to hee...
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    سوری عمران خان

    naam sher rakhne se chooha sher nahin bun jaata ... itna paisa pur izzat do kodi ki bhi nahin. Ab is chohe nawaz ko dunya main hur jagah zillat ka hee samna hoga. Keep enjoying your be-izzati by defending the elite mafia aka fugitive convicted jahil Ex PM.
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    کیا ڈاکٹر ایڈم واقعی وفات پاگئے؟؟

    Great to hear from you Dr. Sahab. May Allah bless you and with a long and healthy life. Ameen. It's about time that mods take strict action against idiots who spread fake news and hate. It was very clear from the get go that the news was fake. These morons should be banned for life.
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    5 day Jail of a Panwari turned into how many years due to Patwari Judges?

    I hear you my friend but when don't have absolute majority and for major reforms, you need 2/3rds majority and then on top of that you have judges appointed by the elite mafia who is ready to poke their nose in all govt. Matters and with an opposition who is scared if those reforms are passed...
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    Jeniffer! An American Singer after Embracing Islam: MaaShaAllah.

    I guess that's an advantage of being born in a Muslim family that you already have the opportunity to take advantage of Islamic teachings and if your family does the right upbringing, you may actually learn Quran not just as language but with translation and Tafseer. On the other hand, I have...
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    Jeniffer! An American Singer after Embracing Islam: MaaShaAllah.

    Maybe you are talking about yourself exclusively. Nobody forced you to do anything. If you can't see the light, then it does not mean the world is dark, it's just mean that you are blind.
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    Who is standing behind Maryam???

    judi pushti choron ke agehy peechey bhi saara chor tola. yeh sub awam ko che samjhte hain.
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    Opposition's 1st day after PDM | Maulana in Action | Rana Sanaullah Qamar Z

    Doctor choron ka deen emaan maa baap sub paisa hai. They think they are immortals.