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    WE GOT ROBBED IN PAKISTAN What should we do?

    Do anyone know these peoples' contact info?
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    Imran Khan Is Dubbang Leader and he is fighting against all corrupt Mafias

    I have been a big time supporter of Khan, but I have now lost respect. Anyone who thinks Buzdar has done well and deserves any credit, is on some sort of drugs. Buzdar is: - Charismatic less leader - low in IQ - characterless person by taking the same VIP protocol that we are against Just look...
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    جو ہار نہیں مانتا اسے ہار بھی ہرا نہیں سکتی۔ وزیراعظم عمران خان

    Khan is honest and means well, but he made some VERY BAD choices (e.g. Buzdar). Unfortunately, these decisions will lead to a demise/loss of PTI in the next elections.
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    Suzie Afridi : Palestine Vs Pakistan

    Very funny!
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    عمران خان کے دور اقتدار میں معیشت نہیں سنبھل سکتی،ہارون رشید

    O Chawal Baba Jee - Mueishat Already Sum-bhal Gaye Hay! You will eat crow!!!! You cannot get over the fact that Imran Khan DUMPED you as a friend --
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    عمران خان کوئی جہاد نہیں کر رہے،ہارون رشید

    I listened to this MF here and there - uptill now - no more! This disgusting baba is so full of $hit - from now on, I will NOT see his shows! Kuttay-Kaa-Bacha
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    Dollar Rate in Pakistan Today | Gold Rate | Euro | Riyal | 30 March 2021

    Masha Allah; this is Allah SWT helping due to an honest and sincere leader at the top! We all agreed that only if the looting stops at the top (which for the most part it did) our country will proposer on it's own. Also, Allah has His own ways to help - don't forget, after all many people in...
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    Nawaz Sharif gets emotional telling a story of a poor mask seller

    He's crying since he is DEPRESSED for himself and not sad for anyone else. Choor kaa bachs
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    Is Pakistan a safe country?

    Amanda, I suggest you stay in Islamabad as your 'base' location. From there you can visit many places by taking day trips (e.g. Lahore, and Northern areas). You will love it. Also, yes Pakistan and super safe - safe enough for y own family (from US) to go there all the time. Lastly, I suggest...
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    Informal Interaction of PMIK with Local Farmers...

    What a caring leaders, on top of being handsome (inside & outside)! Love you Khan, I can tell you are sincere
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    PMLN's Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan has passed away

    I know I should never say anything bad once someone passes, but wasn't this person defending his thief leader ALL his life? Therefore, all I will say is that 'may Allah show His "just" side'? Rest you can all imagine what I really I really am referring to ....
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    وزیراعظم عمران خان کا سماء نیوز پرخصوصی انٹرویو، براہ راست دیکھیے

    Paris is a shitty-host. She kept asking Khan same questions that he answered over and over and over again. This shit-head-host kept antagonizing an honest leader on questions that she very well know are self-explanatory and not even a question. If I was Khan, I slap-bitch her silly as$. What an...
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    Erdogan's France boycott call echoes throughout Muslim world

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    AstraZeneca, J&J vaccine trials back on track in US

    Dude, Are you out of your mind? First off the vaccine with such short trail is super dangerous as it comes with many unknowns. Next, you picked a Chinese product!! You might as well look for your grave site now .... I pray for your health however!