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    Pakistan on the Brink of Economic Ruin thanks to Operation Regime Change.

    No mention of Establishment (military) role in the politics of Pak? No mention of media crackdown? FISHY AGENDA!
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    شہبازگل جیسے فتنے فساد کا سرکچلنا بہت ضروری ہے،غریدہ

    Pak society and specifically these Patwarris are DEGENERATES. How can I associate with these fellow citizens? so we will remain a significant polarised society-which implies never ending friction between various elements and NOW INCLUDE THE ARMY IN IT AS WELL
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    آرمی چیف جنرل قمر جاوید باجوہ سرکاری دورے پر برطانیہ پہنچ گئے

    Unbelievable-that REST of the BIG PAK Army ALSO equally involved in the crime of TREACHERY. NOT ONE MILITARY individual willing to speak up ??? BRAVERY OR COWARDICE?
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    PDM- 2nd Class Citizens

    PDM seems to be very excited about raising cases against PTI key personnel- but I hope that they understand that Establishment is NEVER going to let them govern with any autonomy and the Patwarris will continue to boot-polish until the day they live. Its a do or die situation for military- and...
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    مجھے گزشتہ ہفتے آرمی چیف جنرل قمر باجوہ کی کال آئی،عادل عباسی

    General B is C (coward). He is now trying to present an innocent face after destroying Pak " mujhe toh pata he nahi yeh kaisay toota" 😡
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    Understanding the Messed up Psych of Pak Military!

    When party Starts we will be looking for you 😉
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    Understanding the Messed up Psych of Pak Military!

    Ever since I remember Pak nation has history of being brain washed and manipulated by the powers-to be. Lies , Lies, Lies. BBC became the default channel for seeking "truth" that was contaminated. We were always under told how great the military was- until slowly I started understanding the real...
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    Pakistan- Waiting for God!

    Originally for Patwarris and and than many times subsequently when Pak was looted without shame!
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    Pakistan- Waiting for God!

    It s despicable where we are in terms of history when B'desh & India have moved forward. The Generals have brought so much pain to the pride of Pak where I for one now feel no sympathy for them or their loss . Its not because of bias- But genuine support for democracy when defined in terms of...
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    بھائی کو پولیس اٹھا کر لے گئی :اوورسیز پاکستانی کا اہلخانہ کو ہراساں الزام

    Its not just the General who is involved, all the other officers are the same and responsible for the critical downturn of Pak. Basically they are ALL Patwarris!
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    Pakistani military needs a deep reset

    World is facing extreme political turbulence amongst the superpowers. This is leading to suffering of the weaker natons & people. Pakistan and the weaker countries are FAILING to amend their ways and will be annihilated in political and economic terms. Military in Pak unfortunately believes...
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    Bajwa is not the problem

    A path to permanent SELF DESTRUCTION becoming Weakest member of Muslim world!