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    بزدار کی نئی ٹیم بہت اچھی ہے، چودھری پرویز الہیٰ

    PMLQ are history last couple of years left as alliance thereafter they should be kicked to the curb sorry uncle Shujaat Hussain and Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi
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    ملک بھر میں جلسوں کا جال بچھا دیں گے۔ مولانا فضل الرحمان

    No backing left now Raw Nexus is failed, use of money laundering fundsto try to have political foothold and keep business operations alive. Fazal is a fraud, PDM parties are all are scum. Followed by next gene militants Manzoor Pashteen ptm which should be held under terrorism act of NAP and...
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    The End Of US In Afghanistan As Kabul Falls To The Taliban

    I would not say its Taliban as a whole,,, its more like the Afghanistan people as a majority deposing of the fake dummy system
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    Serious Mistakes in Government's Report on Anti- State Tweets - Analysis

    troll bait and DMU scum and PTI SMT Mafia know they dont know shit...let them carry on making bloggers videos :D,
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    پی ٹی آئی کے میڈیا سیل کا اصل چہرہ بھی بے نقاب!

    When the PTI SMT mafia removed the core standards to suit and protect themselves and their few friends for the sake of privileges and pay they destroyed the ethos and rules. They will eventually get exposed, Just like the two faced backstabbing ASSHOLE who was on PTV last night knows shit and...
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    سماء ٹی وی نے مجھے شہباز شریف سے لڑانے کی کوشش کی، شاہدخاقان عباسی

    Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was Nawaz Sharif's servant and yes Man , hence given a role to protect the family's corruption and cause an obstacle in media. Historically will go down as one of the worst PM's ever in Pakistan albeit interim.
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    PTI leader surrendered British Nationality...

    She's a great person and yes one post was right right for senate, better as a senator long term for legislation. However, could be given more responsibility with as Human Rights Minister since present incumbent remains static and extremely inactive for the most part. Human Rights needs better...
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    Eyewitness account of attack on Siddique Jaan!!!

    I type as much as I want or as little ,.,don't need any instructions dude.
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    Eyewitness account of attack on Siddique Jaan!!!

    I'm a PTI but totally anti Trolls........including SMT Mafia scumbag with their poster boy trolls/...Fake news and bullshit blog content, get real.
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    Eyewitness account of attack on Siddique Jaan!!!

    Who is Siddique Jaan? Totally irrelevant....
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    افغانستان میں شدید لڑائی۔ طالبان نے مزید 13اضلا ع کا کنٹرول حاصل کرلیا

    Concern is the influx of Refugees on Pak and Iran borders as news agencies are reporting... As for the fake media and internal fake news spread by some SMT fanboy trolls these people are lowlife scumbags.
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    Mansoor Ali Khan Praises PM Imran Khan

    Reminds me when certain PTI SMT Mafia Trolls used to love Mansoor Ali Khan they were last to see his true colours despite warnings. glorifying his content,
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    ویڈیو: نسیم زہرہ کے شو میں تجزیہ کار کرسی سمیت گرگئے

    No laughing matter can result in serious back injury and disability. Health and Safety questions need to posed to the studio.