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    Do You Honestly Think that PEOPLE POWER can bring you back to the Power?

    Can maryam nani do the interview with any international media?
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    Emergency is on the way...

    nahi but biden vote dalwa raha hai en zamir faroosho se
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    Emergency is on the way...

    apne ghar ki kahania na suna edhar haram khor patwari
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    چین نے پاکستان کی 2 ارب ڈالر سیف ڈپازٹ ادائیگی موخرکردی

    i took out all of my money from Roshan account. Pakistan ka hameyo nasr ho
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    Hypocrite Brits ...

    | Boris Johnson is under growing pressure from the EU to go further and faster in imposing sanctions on Russian oligarchs over fears that assets are being swept out of the UK. Contrary to the prime minister’s claims to be leading the world in the economic response to the invasion of Ukraine...
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    وزیر اعظم کی مودی کو لائیو ٹی وی پر بحث کی دعوت:میں دنیا کو دکھاؤں گا کہ۔۔۔

    pagal tu to hai patwari, modi journalist se interact krta he nahi hai. etna darpook aur jahil hai wo
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    ریاست پاکستان کے لیے ٹیسٹ کیس، کیا امریکی شہری کو سزائے موت سنائی جائے گی؟َ

    actually it depends on the family of the victim. if they stand firm, they will get the justice. and the people posting raymond pics should check where are the families of his victims now?