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    منحرف اراکین کیلئے عزت کا راستہ یہی ہے کہ استعفیٰ دیکر گھرجائیں،سپریم کورٹ

    Judges are crooks, Generals are crooks, Politicians are crooks, Bureaucracy are crooks, Awam are crooks. But PTI is telling us respect Judiciary, respect Army, respect state institutions. Why? Call a chor a chor. The current situation is as much PTI/IK doing as others. IK/PTI was busy getting...
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    وزیراعظم شہبازشریف کا رمضان میں مفت میٹرو سروس چلانے کا اعلان؟

    This is how you waste Haram ka Maal. They are going to destroy pakistan economy just to create good impression on Jaahil awam.
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    ملک لٹ گیا اور آپ کے ٹھنڈے جلسے ،،ساحل عدیم

    Jab tak "Pur Aman" protests hongay, kuch nahi hoga. The evil should be stopped by force.
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    Reply to Engr. Muhammad Ali Mirza on his recent videos

    He should stay away from Politics and focus on Islam, which is why people follow him. It is specially annoying to see him make arguments for the corrupts as if people are stupid and don't understand things as well as he does. Followers of IK and PTI are mostly educated class and to say that...
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    پی ٹی آئی سے غدّاری کرنے والے 20 منحرف اراکین قومی اسمبلی

    This list should be a website which is available globally.
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    Here is a solution for Supreme Court and High courts

    The higher judiciary is full of political pawns recruited by the corrupt. They are all directly inducted by politicians after seeing their services as lawyers in defending their ills. Hypothetically, if a government comes which as 2/3 majority and really wants to solve the judiciary mess...
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    How block chain technology will change the world!

    I beg to disagree. I do know what I am talking about.
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    How block chain technology will change the world!

    Blockchain as technology has high potential but blockchain used for cryptocurrency is a recipe for disaster. Don't be fooled.
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    Why everything is so expensive all of a sudden world wide?

    CNN is a youthia. Signed message by professors of PMLN, PPP, FAZLU and hamnawa
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    عمران خان کی حکومت میں اسلام قبول کرنا بھی مشکل: اوریا مقبول جان

    I am not sure what are you advocating right now. Becoming a muslim has nothing to do with being a practicing muslim. I agree with you that majority of the modern day muslims fall short on practicing their lives according to the rules of Islam but that does not mean we need a certificate at age...
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    عمران خان کی حکومت میں اسلام قبول کرنا بھی مشکل: اوریا مقبول جان

    The only certificate needed for becoming a Muslim is reciting the qalma shahadat. Pure non sense discussed here
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    Just listen to this guy’s language, the msg of Islam he’s spreading

    Educate your population otherwise he could have jerked off in front of those people and they would have said Subhaan Allah.
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    TLP chief Saad Rizvi released from Lahore's Kot Lakhpat jail

    What a big brain fart from Pakistani govt. This cartoon has been made a credible religious tekadaar for the coming ages with an army of Jaahils at his disposal. This is enough for me to give up on Pakistan's future.
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    They ( TLP ) went too far NOW !!!!! :(

    Jaahilon ki faug. I don't understand why the govt made that stupid agreement with that ignorant baba.
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    Gift for Sikh brothers | PM IK to inaugurate Modern styled Railway station

    Why is it reported to be for sikhs only? Pakistani's are not allowed to travel to this train station or what.